Epic Update :: Yarn Related.

Admittedly, the second half of 2012 is not a very crafty phase for me. I was too occupied with work that I avoid knitting even when I have some free time in my hand. I keep all the yarn and my crochet/knitting tools in my room where I live now but I never actually sit down and be serious about it. Most of the time when people ask me whether I still do all my yarn crafts, my usual excuse is always "Oh no, I am too busy I haven't got time for that these days". But lately I often wonder; all this while..was I really busy or was it just an excuse of my laziness? For the upcoming year I have this humble resolution that I should make time for this gratifying craft because I know it is one of the few things that can keep me sane. And I actually bought heaps of sock yarns from Masco Wools in Auckland during my recent graduation trip but of course I never got around to knitting them yet. Next year baby, next year. 

I promised myself to crochet a cover for my cubicle table.

All the squares I meant to join to make a table cover.

Little squares to brighten up little cards.

Knitting while travelling keeps the hands busy.

More knitting while waiting for Jo running his errands.

Took ages to finish this!

Met Elle during a bazaar held in Subang Parade. 
Photo credit goes to her and husband.

Knitted and frogged. Sad.

      Now here's to a more productive year ahead! 
     *toasts heaps of yarn balls to the sky*

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  1. Assalam sis,
    mcmn kita nk guna circular needle yg besar tp utk round yg kecil? mcm yg sis buat utk socks yg ohsem tu :)


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