Epic Update :: Good Company (Friends & Cat)

If my cat had a book telling you story of her life this would be the cover.

Meet the latest addition to our family, Piyong! Hehehe!


Sticking her tongue out while sleeping.

Uuu naughty cat sleeping with my brotha.

I should get a tiger for a new pet, yes?

In our teaching career, kursus equates to catching up session.

Chatime so good.

It's been ages right Sabrina? 

Only because I love you Jo!

Andddd that's it folks, story of my life for the past few months all crammed up into 4 posts. Lots of other things had happened, of course, but let us all rejoice in happy things and only happy things. 

As with everybody else, I wish to be more productive next year which includes

:: to travel far and wide 
:: to eat and live healthily 
:: to be a better teacher (lesson plans! Gasp!)
:: to learn how to drive a car (oh sh*t!)
:: to be more responsible with my money
:: to engage in my yarn craft/sewing as often as possible
:: to take the relationship to the next level (ahem!)
:: to be a better daughter and a better Muslim inshaAllah

I wish you well and I hope that wherever you are, life is treating you good. 
Have a nice day and Happy New Year!!


  1. Comelnya kucing tu tidor. :)

  2. Hello!
    I'm Laura from Spain. I like very much your blog and your photos!!

    I also knit!

    Happy New Year!
    I would like to have a friend in the other side of world!
    Best regards


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