Epic Update :: Auckland Trip

These updates are not called 'epic' for no reasons y'all! Of course I have been a totally lazy bum that I keep procrastinating the very delightful task of updating this blog. Hey, it's not entirely because of my laziness alright! Part of it is because where I live and work now..internet connection is so very slow that I think it is better off being non-existent altogether. Updating blog has become more of a chore than an enjoyable thing to do in my pastime. In these days and age, I really think that they should bla bla bla......bla bla bla.....! Okay, enough of my rants..off you go and enjoy these humble travel photos.

Only because they don't want you to bring anything dangerous into the country.

Spring at its best.

Heaven on earth!

Hmm I love my cheese.

What the..?

I was actually tryna break into one of these lovely houses.

Up on Mt. Albert

Let us spend the day sipping tea and knit our heart out here!

I used to run here man!

Ohh I miss youuuu Auckland :')

Thank you awesome friends!

I think the best part of travelling is that it opens up my mind and it helps to refresh my perspective about the world around me. It reminds me that things are never too bad on my end. Of course sometimes I think that the grass is greener on the other side but hey things are never better on any side. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. On the surface we all look calm but  God knows what's going on underneath. Just like a duck in a pond, no?

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