Epic Update :: Good Company (Friends & Cat)

If my cat had a book telling you story of her life this would be the cover.

Meet the latest addition to our family, Piyong! Hehehe!


Sticking her tongue out while sleeping.

Uuu naughty cat sleeping with my brotha.

I should get a tiger for a new pet, yes?

In our teaching career, kursus equates to catching up session.

Chatime so good.

It's been ages right Sabrina? 

Only because I love you Jo!

Andddd that's it folks, story of my life for the past few months all crammed up into 4 posts. Lots of other things had happened, of course, but let us all rejoice in happy things and only happy things. 

As with everybody else, I wish to be more productive next year which includes

:: to travel far and wide 
:: to eat and live healthily 
:: to be a better teacher (lesson plans! Gasp!)
:: to learn how to drive a car (oh sh*t!)
:: to be more responsible with my money
:: to engage in my yarn craft/sewing as often as possible
:: to take the relationship to the next level (ahem!)
:: to be a better daughter and a better Muslim inshaAllah

I wish you well and I hope that wherever you are, life is treating you good. 
Have a nice day and Happy New Year!!

Epic Update :: Yarn Related.

Admittedly, the second half of 2012 is not a very crafty phase for me. I was too occupied with work that I avoid knitting even when I have some free time in my hand. I keep all the yarn and my crochet/knitting tools in my room where I live now but I never actually sit down and be serious about it. Most of the time when people ask me whether I still do all my yarn crafts, my usual excuse is always "Oh no, I am too busy I haven't got time for that these days". But lately I often wonder; all this while..was I really busy or was it just an excuse of my laziness? For the upcoming year I have this humble resolution that I should make time for this gratifying craft because I know it is one of the few things that can keep me sane. And I actually bought heaps of sock yarns from Masco Wools in Auckland during my recent graduation trip but of course I never got around to knitting them yet. Next year baby, next year. 

I promised myself to crochet a cover for my cubicle table.

All the squares I meant to join to make a table cover.

Little squares to brighten up little cards.

Knitting while travelling keeps the hands busy.

More knitting while waiting for Jo running his errands.

Took ages to finish this!

Met Elle during a bazaar held in Subang Parade. 
Photo credit goes to her and husband.

Knitted and frogged. Sad.

      Now here's to a more productive year ahead! 
     *toasts heaps of yarn balls to the sky*

Epic Update :: Auckland Trip

These updates are not called 'epic' for no reasons y'all! Of course I have been a totally lazy bum that I keep procrastinating the very delightful task of updating this blog. Hey, it's not entirely because of my laziness alright! Part of it is because where I live and work now..internet connection is so very slow that I think it is better off being non-existent altogether. Updating blog has become more of a chore than an enjoyable thing to do in my pastime. In these days and age, I really think that they should bla bla bla......bla bla bla.....! Okay, enough of my rants..off you go and enjoy these humble travel photos.

Only because they don't want you to bring anything dangerous into the country.

Spring at its best.

Heaven on earth!

Hmm I love my cheese.

What the..?

I was actually tryna break into one of these lovely houses.

Up on Mt. Albert

Let us spend the day sipping tea and knit our heart out here!

I used to run here man!

Ohh I miss youuuu Auckland :')

Thank you awesome friends!

I think the best part of travelling is that it opens up my mind and it helps to refresh my perspective about the world around me. It reminds me that things are never too bad on my end. Of course sometimes I think that the grass is greener on the other side but hey things are never better on any side. Everyone is fighting a hard battle. On the surface we all look calm but  God knows what's going on underneath. Just like a duck in a pond, no?

Epic Update :: Graduation Day!


So I had my Spring Graduation in October (finally!). I am so very grateful for the opportunity to attend the ceremony. I was really sad beginning of this year because; due to financial issue, I could not attend the Autumn session which was held around April. Alhamdullillah I managed to fly to Auckland end of September and spend an entire week there attending the eventful ceremony, enjoying the season and catching up with friends and doing lots of good stuff. 
Hey, whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly, yes? :')

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience Auckland Uni!

All's well that ends well.

Graduation outfit up close.

Dr. John Hope 

The best part of the day that is the street procession.

Earlier that day we were worried that we wouldn't be able to do the street procession because it was raining on and off that morning (hey Auckland being Auckland you see). But just as we were about to walk down the street, the sun shone gloriously and off we went all the way to Aotea Square. There you go, all the more reason to believe that whatever is meant to be will workout perfectly! 

Alhamdulillah :D
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