She's A Slacker!

Yes, I am! I'm a slacker for not updating this blog as often as I should. But that is only because I'm enjoying the holiday; being lazy and crafty all at the same time. It has been blissful and I am now very sad as the holiday will soon be over. Anywhoooo, here are some random photos to share with you:

Bought this fabric from Spotlight 2 summers ago!

And finally managed to turn the fabric into a skirt last week! 

Knitting in the flight.
Finished the front piece of the cardigan.
Super slow, I know.
I'm now knitting the second front piece.

Crochet flower coasters with 3 different brands of yarn.
Left to right: Minlon, Nona and Lolachoco Yarn.

There you go, photos of my craft projects for the past few weeks.
I hope all is well at your end.
I should start packing now because I'm going back to school tomorrow.
Bye now!

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