Our Local Delicacy

This is Lato; a type of seaweed commonly found in Sabah and Philippines.
I like Lato, it tastes salty but very refreshing. It is crunchy too!

I reckon it looks like little green grapes.
This is widely available in our local fish market and very cheap too.
Only 1MYR for a bundle and is best bought early in the morning when it is still very fresh.

I usually dip the lato in lime juice with lots of birds eye chilli in it.
So good! Heheheh!
If you come to Sabah, make sure you give this a go alright :D


  1. That looks interesting! I've never tried before tho. Hmmmm maybe when I go back (1 more week!) , I can go looking for it.

    1. Aww you're coming home for the semester break that's good :D
      Safe travel back to Sabah! And yes, give this a go. But I'm not sure whether KK has this or not. Ask around, the people at the fish market should know.

  2. Eh, peliknyaaa..tak penah nmpak pun tapi tgk mcm sedap! nyum nyum. :D

    1. Heheh sedapppp I suka sbb masin then cicah ngn air limau ada cili pedas mmmm sdapp :D the color looks much better in real life tau, ipod camera doesnt take very good photo.

  3. Replies
    1. Hihihihi nnt Mitch datang rasa ni seaweed tau. Tak tauuu la Mitch suka ke tak takut nnt Mitch mcm eeee apa pompuan ni bg aku makannn TT.TT

    2. hahahahahahahahahaha bersedia lah


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