One happy gal.

Today my heart flew high in the clouds when this parcel arrived.
It's a knitter's survival kit!!

All the beautiful glossy knitting needles.
So light of a weight, so smooth of a suface, so clickety-clack of a sound!
I went through each and every needle with so much love and anticipation.

       And then I flipped to the next 'page', I saw this!

Circular needles hiding quietly in their little pockets. Also some needle stoppers. Wait, there are cable knitting needles too. Ohhh there's stitch holders, markers and crochet hooks as well! A pair of small scissors and a measuring tape too?!! It is indeed a knitter's survival kit! Oh my, I am beyonddd ecstatic I can't wait to get started! 

Just so you know, this bad boy has undeniably burned quite a hole in my unemployed pocket, but I have to say I actually saved a lot by getting this stuff as a set rather than buying them separately. So would you like one for yourself? Have a look-see here if you fancy this!


  1. Woohoo! That's a pretty good deal for a whole lotta stuff! I'm still quite wary about using DPNs - that's why I still don't have them - but I figured since I have my circulars, I might as well magic loop everything!

  2. Pretty cheap ay? I've been eyeing this for quiet a while and when I saw the 10% off I thought yeah I'll get this.

    Hahah yesss you can do pretty much everything with circulars actually. I guess I just have a fetish for needles and hooks..hence the purchase :p

  3. Wow, lengkap set tu, Yati. Memang senang nak knit macam ni, semua size ada. :)


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