On tea with spices.

Yes, hello :D
Do you like tea? I hope you do. I like tea very much! My favourite one is definitely Dilmah Earl Grey the best black tea in the entire universe. I usually take my Dilmah in the morning, with hot water in the fat cup and a little bit of sugar. Some people like their Earl Grey with milk but I don't. I reckon Earl Grey tastes better without milk whatsoever. If I want milk in my tea, I'll have Masala Chai instead. How do I make my Masala Chai, you asked? Here goes:

Experience taught me that a good cup of chai is best made using a strong black tea. Back in NZ, I used Bell tea for my chai and here in Malaysia, I go for Lipton.

The weather at home was gloomy when I made this and I was feeling rather sleepy so I decided on two teabags this time. Of course, you can use as many teabags as you please. Then you want to gradually add warm water to your tea while it is on its way to boil. This will also be the good time to add the spices mixture for our chai.

Basic important ingredients: the spices and the milk. Now, about the spices. Unfortunately I couldn't teach you how to make the spices mixture simply because I never had the success of making it myself! 

I used to work for an Indian family while I was in NZ and they were the ones who introduced this awesome drink to me. And knowing full well that I am hopeless in matters of the kitchen, my boss' wife was kind enough to prepare this mixture for me whenever I needed it. She did tell me how to make this mixture but the whole spices grinding business requires not only the right kitchen gagdet but also years of expertise. So yeah.

If you want to know how to make this mixture: google it. I think my mixture is made up of cardamom, ginger, black pepper seeds and everything else. As for the milk, I strongly recommend people to use fresh milk in their chai. I don't like the taste of local 'fresh' milk here, so I use this evaporated milk instead. Yum! 

When the tea was almost boiling, add your milk and sugar (preferably brown). Then stir the whole thing for few minutes. When it's finally done, make sure you pour your chai through a strainer to get rid of the tea and spices residues. 

Tadaaa, here's the chai all hot and ready! Have it as it is or dunk your biscuits in it while it's still warm. Best served on these occasions: craft group meetings, catching up sessions with friends and families, formal gatherings with colleagues and of course, on your precious me time after a long, hard day at work :)


  1. i watch in satc2, they mix milk with cinnamon powder, in modern family, salt with milk, now intrigue by hot tea with spices!!

    1. Hi Khas!
      Yes, cinnamon powder is pretty common to be had with milk or coffee or tea. But salt..err? Heheh. Yes Khas have a go at spicy tea and let me know what you think :D

  2. Pandai Yati buat teh. Kalau jamu tetamu ni, tak cukup secawan je ni. :)
    Akak jarang minum teh, suka nescafe lagi. :)

    1. Heheh takdelah pandai kak, ni pun saya belajar saya dari my boss tu. Kalau tak selalu teh o je la heheh. Saya pun suka nescafe kak, nescafe o panas panas makan ngn biskut masin mmm sdapp. Kalau nak nescafe milky I prefer for it to be icy cold.

  3. Your post is making me want chai latte. Or teh tarik. I shall go hunting for a teh tarik recipe so I can make my own!

    1. Haha yesss please do and let me know your version of spicy tea/teh tarik. Hot tea is best consumed in cold wintry days like where you're at now :D


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