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The course was held at Pusat Kepimpinan Pelajar located in MRSM Lenggong. I had my 3 months teaching training in this very school last year so it was good to be back and saying hi to the familiar faces. Oh, check out the look on our faces the moment we saw our tent :D

Our first night at the camp and we had to 'nightwalk' in the woods! But it was okay because we only had to follow the rope and there was a guide assigned for each group. The best part was when we had to go through the muddy water it smelt awful! Of course I threw away the shoes right after this camp :D


I represented my group in this activity. What was it that I had to do? I had to barter stuff (whatever we had at that moment) with the facilitators in order to get more building materials. In the end of course we had more than we ever needed and we didn't win - that's totally okay, we learnt about building something out of PVC pipes and some plastic ropes hehehe.


The most challenging part of the course but I quite like it. Will I do it again? Most probably yes :D I had to handle the walkie talkie for my group but that was nothing compared to those who had to take care of the group's compass, map, safety kit and water bottles. Not many photos of us during this activity - we were in woods struggling with leeches, crazy mosquitoes and whatnots. 

This was after 5 hours of orienteering in the woods. All smile and happiness despite the painful blisters I had on both feet.

Finally! Receiving our offer letter to work for MARA from the Ketua Pengarah himself.
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"

All photo credit goes to the course organizers.

So there you have it - photos of what I had been up to for the past few weeks. There were other activities too during the course but I decided these should be enough, I didn't want to bore you hehehe. During these busy times, I managed to finish knitting one of the front parts for my cardigan. It was a soothing process; knitting in the middle of everything else. I get to sort out my thinking and of course it is a good start for a conversation with strangers. So yeah, knitting FTW! 

What have YOU been up to? Any news to share? Do tell :)

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