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How are YOU??!! I miss blogging so much!! I'm SUPER GLAD that the course is finally over. Pheww I have to say: it was indeed one hell of a course! For the first phase of the course, we did all sorts of activities, from flying fox to orienteering - it was such good fun. The second session was then held in KL but it only involved lots of meeting and talking. So in short here's the summary to my life for the past 2 weeks:

- I stayed in a tent with 11 other girls. My friend Dila found a big brown spider in the tent on our last day there but she wisely chose not to tell me.

- My fair and radiant skin (ahem) is all destroyed now after the course.

- I'm still clueless on how to read bearing on compass but I know how to operate a walkie-talkie now hehehe.

- Working as a rubber tapper is even harder if you don't have mosquitoes repellent. 

- Apparently leeches hate lime juice.

- The course was an excellent catching up session for us; good times and hearty laughs were had by all I'm sure.

- When I think about my orienteering experience, I realized now how lucky I am to be living and working in the city with proper beds and I get to use my electronic gadgets. Alhamdulillah.

- I miss my yarn crafts!! 

- I have a job now and that means I'll have more moolah to buy yarn hehehe.

- Had my first Teacher's Day celebration at school last Thursday and sang the Kami Guru Malaysia song. Oh yeah!

- I'm excited about getting back to teaching but I'm still adjusting to the new environment. I meet good people so far although there are some rotten ones but I shouldn't be so quick to judge. 

- I have to learn how to drive now. I'm not very good at coordination and direction so we'll see how that goes. 

What else? Mmm..nothing much really. School holiday has started here so I'm excited to go home and catch up with family. Finally a trip back home without having to book an airline ticket! I shall post more photos from the camp soon but for now, this is all that I have to offer. 

Have a good weekend everybody!

Photo credit goes to the camp organizers.


  1. Sekali sekala seronok juga tinggalkan semua, pergi camping. Tapi yg tak bestnya, nyamuk, pacat dan labah-labah ya.
    Selamat bercuti, Yati. Cikgu rupanya. :)

  2. Hahah betul tu akak, memang kepantangan saya all these creepy crawlies terutama labah labah :|

    Heheh yes, saya seorang cikgu ajar subject English :)


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