More Photos!

The course was held at Pusat Kepimpinan Pelajar located in MRSM Lenggong. I had my 3 months teaching training in this very school last year so it was good to be back and saying hi to the familiar faces. Oh, check out the look on our faces the moment we saw our tent :D

Our first night at the camp and we had to 'nightwalk' in the woods! But it was okay because we only had to follow the rope and there was a guide assigned for each group. The best part was when we had to go through the muddy water it smelt awful! Of course I threw away the shoes right after this camp :D


I represented my group in this activity. What was it that I had to do? I had to barter stuff (whatever we had at that moment) with the facilitators in order to get more building materials. In the end of course we had more than we ever needed and we didn't win - that's totally okay, we learnt about building something out of PVC pipes and some plastic ropes hehehe.


The most challenging part of the course but I quite like it. Will I do it again? Most probably yes :D I had to handle the walkie talkie for my group but that was nothing compared to those who had to take care of the group's compass, map, safety kit and water bottles. Not many photos of us during this activity - we were in woods struggling with leeches, crazy mosquitoes and whatnots. 

This was after 5 hours of orienteering in the woods. All smile and happiness despite the painful blisters I had on both feet.

Finally! Receiving our offer letter to work for MARA from the Ketua Pengarah himself.
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well"

All photo credit goes to the course organizers.

So there you have it - photos of what I had been up to for the past few weeks. There were other activities too during the course but I decided these should be enough, I didn't want to bore you hehehe. During these busy times, I managed to finish knitting one of the front parts for my cardigan. It was a soothing process; knitting in the middle of everything else. I get to sort out my thinking and of course it is a good start for a conversation with strangers. So yeah, knitting FTW! 

What have YOU been up to? Any news to share? Do tell :)


Look who's here!


How are YOU??!! I miss blogging so much!! I'm SUPER GLAD that the course is finally over. Pheww I have to say: it was indeed one hell of a course! For the first phase of the course, we did all sorts of activities, from flying fox to orienteering - it was such good fun. The second session was then held in KL but it only involved lots of meeting and talking. So in short here's the summary to my life for the past 2 weeks:

- I stayed in a tent with 11 other girls. My friend Dila found a big brown spider in the tent on our last day there but she wisely chose not to tell me.

- My fair and radiant skin (ahem) is all destroyed now after the course.

- I'm still clueless on how to read bearing on compass but I know how to operate a walkie-talkie now hehehe.

- Working as a rubber tapper is even harder if you don't have mosquitoes repellent. 

- Apparently leeches hate lime juice.

- The course was an excellent catching up session for us; good times and hearty laughs were had by all I'm sure.

- When I think about my orienteering experience, I realized now how lucky I am to be living and working in the city with proper beds and I get to use my electronic gadgets. Alhamdulillah.

- I miss my yarn crafts!! 

- I have a job now and that means I'll have more moolah to buy yarn hehehe.

- Had my first Teacher's Day celebration at school last Thursday and sang the Kami Guru Malaysia song. Oh yeah!

- I'm excited about getting back to teaching but I'm still adjusting to the new environment. I meet good people so far although there are some rotten ones but I shouldn't be so quick to judge. 

- I have to learn how to drive now. I'm not very good at coordination and direction so we'll see how that goes. 

What else? Mmm..nothing much really. School holiday has started here so I'm excited to go home and catch up with family. Finally a trip back home without having to book an airline ticket! I shall post more photos from the camp soon but for now, this is all that I have to offer. 

Have a good weekend everybody!

Photo credit goes to the camp organizers.


There and back again.

Pattern from Mitten and Makings
Hi ya! 

I'm just in for a quick update: I'm off to Perak and KL this weekend to attend a course for new teachers and won't be able to post any updates soon since I have quite a bit of things that need sorting out. Travelling is such a tiresome business so I'll bring along my knitting project to calm me down and to avoid that nasty homesick feeling. I hope all goes well for us and don't forget to keep being crafty wherever you are alright?

See you when I see you!


On tea with spices.

Yes, hello :D
Do you like tea? I hope you do. I like tea very much! My favourite one is definitely Dilmah Earl Grey the best black tea in the entire universe. I usually take my Dilmah in the morning, with hot water in the fat cup and a little bit of sugar. Some people like their Earl Grey with milk but I don't. I reckon Earl Grey tastes better without milk whatsoever. If I want milk in my tea, I'll have Masala Chai instead. How do I make my Masala Chai, you asked? Here goes:

Experience taught me that a good cup of chai is best made using a strong black tea. Back in NZ, I used Bell tea for my chai and here in Malaysia, I go for Lipton.

The weather at home was gloomy when I made this and I was feeling rather sleepy so I decided on two teabags this time. Of course, you can use as many teabags as you please. Then you want to gradually add warm water to your tea while it is on its way to boil. This will also be the good time to add the spices mixture for our chai.

Basic important ingredients: the spices and the milk. Now, about the spices. Unfortunately I couldn't teach you how to make the spices mixture simply because I never had the success of making it myself! 

I used to work for an Indian family while I was in NZ and they were the ones who introduced this awesome drink to me. And knowing full well that I am hopeless in matters of the kitchen, my boss' wife was kind enough to prepare this mixture for me whenever I needed it. She did tell me how to make this mixture but the whole spices grinding business requires not only the right kitchen gagdet but also years of expertise. So yeah.

If you want to know how to make this mixture: google it. I think my mixture is made up of cardamom, ginger, black pepper seeds and everything else. As for the milk, I strongly recommend people to use fresh milk in their chai. I don't like the taste of local 'fresh' milk here, so I use this evaporated milk instead. Yum! 

When the tea was almost boiling, add your milk and sugar (preferably brown). Then stir the whole thing for few minutes. When it's finally done, make sure you pour your chai through a strainer to get rid of the tea and spices residues. 

Tadaaa, here's the chai all hot and ready! Have it as it is or dunk your biscuits in it while it's still warm. Best served on these occasions: craft group meetings, catching up sessions with friends and families, formal gatherings with colleagues and of course, on your precious me time after a long, hard day at work :)


Sexyback. Not.

Hi ya! 
Last night while watching BBC's wonderful adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma, I finally finished knitting this back piece for a cardigan.

I think I did alright for a beginner, yes?

Unfortunately not a very neat K1P1 ribbing here.

Close up of the armhole shaping.

Pattern is from here if you want to give this a go but I would like to warn my fellow beginning knitters out there that this pattern is written in a very general language. Which means it assumes that you already know the right type of decreases for armhole shaping and all that basic techniques in garment knitting. But don't let me dissuade you. We all know that internet is a wonderful thing and Google has all the answers.

Yes, I am one of those Google-dependant people. I google almost everything. And one day if my child were to ask me the ever so mysterious question of how babies are made, all I have to say is: Google it.

I think I should start on the front piece of this cardigan now.
Have a good day everyone!


One happy gal.

Today my heart flew high in the clouds when this parcel arrived.
It's a knitter's survival kit!!

All the beautiful glossy knitting needles.
So light of a weight, so smooth of a suface, so clickety-clack of a sound!
I went through each and every needle with so much love and anticipation.

       And then I flipped to the next 'page', I saw this!

Circular needles hiding quietly in their little pockets. Also some needle stoppers. Wait, there are cable knitting needles too. Ohhh there's stitch holders, markers and crochet hooks as well! A pair of small scissors and a measuring tape too?!! It is indeed a knitter's survival kit! Oh my, I am beyonddd ecstatic I can't wait to get started! 

Just so you know, this bad boy has undeniably burned quite a hole in my unemployed pocket, but I have to say I actually saved a lot by getting this stuff as a set rather than buying them separately. So would you like one for yourself? Have a look-see here if you fancy this!
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