Sweet Monday.

    Pattern is from Mitten and Makings

Yes, hello! Are you new here? Welcome! Or are you a returning reader? Thank you for that! You're a cool cat! I'm typing this post while listening to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I have something quite fun planned in my head at the moment. I hope I'm brave enough to do it. Will let you know about it once it's done :D 

Oh, is it your birthday today? Happy birthday! Today is me aunty's day so lets give her a shout out: Happy Birthday Mimas! She's my library mate you know. We both enjoy the act of sitting quietly among strangers in the bloody cold building and read our day away. Yeah, we're cool library gals like that.

On an entirely unrelated note, local car company Proton is launching something new tonight. At least that's what I was told. You should Google that shizz away if you're interested. Maybe you need a car? Maybe you want to support our economic state by buying a locally manufactured car? Totally up to you. Anyway, Jo is going to the launching tonight. Go Jo!

How's your Monday so far?
I hope it's all good at your end.
See you in the next post!


  1. she laugh at the kitchen after i read this post to her.andddddd she asked me to told you this"say thank you to her,next time she come here,will go to the library together again at any free time";D ;D ;D

  2. hahah awwwww ok! of course we will :D :D :D

  3. happy belated bepday kpd Mimas jgk :D *bleh kan tu guna nama tu* :P

    launching adlh kurng best akibat gagal bgmbr bsama host -.-. eh

    1. Sik bolehhhh selagi sik kawen sik leh gunaaaaaaaa eeeee jgnlaahh sibukkkkk >:|

      Ohhhh gagal bgmbr bsama host yeeeeee. Mesti host tu yang lari sebenarnya nampak kau dari jauh terus dia mcm: eh dia tu mcm nak amik gmbr la ngn i. lariiiii cptttttt selamatkan dirik runnn for my lifeeee!

    2. ehh bah marilahh jommm. marilahhhh

      tidakla. cuba baca dlm portal hiburan, ada dia tulis, 'Artis bernama C kecewa tidak dpt bergambar bersama peminat beliau'

    3. Dia hanya merujuk kepada peminat yang berbadan sasa, gagah perkasa, kulit gelap sikit mcm Remy Ishak tu.

      Kalau peminat mcm kau; penakut dgn lipas mengalahkan gf sndirik well..I think she did what's best for herself. Just saying.


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