Hi ya!

I'm just in for a quick post. I found this Oldify app recently and I like it a lot. Looking at the image of an older me is such good fun. Check this shizz out:

Yours truly..LOL!

My sister..even more LOL!

My brother..scary old man!

Le boyfriend..he should look much older than this!

On a serious note, looking at my old face makes me gulp a bit. Old age is unstoppable. All this skin that I have will eventually sag, my eyes will eventually lose its ability to see clearly and I'm not even sure if I will be able crochet/knit by the time I am all wrinkly and weak. What if I have arthritis?

No matter how much beauty cream they sell on the market these days, how hard the scientists work to find whatever hormones our bodies need to prolong youth, getting old will eventually take place just like death. Human beings are truly vulnerable that way. 

I hope all is well at your end.
I'll see you in the next post, bye now!


  1. kak yat!!so cute.kedek macam scary gtu kan..tetttt...old??we are getting there.T__T

  2. aku paling soka si Jo!hahahaha.masih ensom.u and kedek look like nenek nowadays.suwwweeet ;D

    1. Kak mama cakap Kedek mcm Nek Atong while I mcm Nek Apok heeee :D
      Jo tu kak gambarnya jauh, kalau dekat sikit memang tua berabis tuuu *hasad dengki*

  3. hahah. gmbr jauh kununnn. tima kaseh la kak as, kerana si tatik mmg dengki dgn kecomelan di hari tua.
    tp si piping mmg gangster kan. mcm tu rupa dia tua2 main game dpn laptop kali kann.
    kedek sama si tatik..nmpk realll jaaa. terutama si kedek. tik, kau kasi kurang level 'tua' utk gmbr kau kannn..kann hajah?


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