My reading list.

Dilmah Earl Grey in a big cup, like a boss :D

Homemade cold coffee tastes better if you have it in a jar.

How are ya? Whatcha been up to? I hope everyone is well and rad. I thought today I'll share with you a list of my favourite blogs/sites.

Rhonda of Down to Earth is like a virtual grandma to me. She writes about simple living, growing our own food, controlling our money and she teaches her readers how to make soap too! Rhonda is full of wisdom and I am forever grateful that I found her blog.

In the age where the world is full of distractions, Leo's site is minimalism at its best. There is no images, no fancy buttons, very easy to navigate and his writing is often short and precise. Leo truly teaches me that "less is more".

Anyone who crochets knows Lucy of Attic24. If you don't, then you should totally click the link NOW. Her blog is crochet-gasm I promise! Plenty of yarn goodness, free tutorials and beautiful photos too.

Pip of Meet Me at Mike's is the person who introduces me to crochet. I discovered her through my favourite magazine Frankie in which she writes about ideas for craft projects. Go check her out and she'll teach you how to crochet for free :D

Meredith is one awesome girl. Her blog header is so pretty I fell in love with the site instantly without having to scroll further down the page to read the content! Meredith knits, crochets and bakes. If those are your sort of thing, then go indulge yourself in all kind of sheepish goodness.

Sucrette is a friendly blogger. In her blog you will suffocate from the excitement you get looking at her photos of colorful yarns and cute crochet projects. She is also a very helpful crocheter like Lucy cos she writes free tutorials for her readers. I like reading her entries, she's always very cheerful.

Kim is so pretty. I want her hair. I want all the drawings in her notebook. I want all her knitted mittens. I want Kim! *psycho face*

I love how opinionated Keri is as an artist. She strongly encourages people to be creative and explore their potential. She's also the person behind ad free blog campaign, debating about the presence of corporate advertisements in most areas of our lives. 

Rohan Anderson is a bloke who grows, gathers, hunts and cooks his own food. He also takes nice photographs. Very educating and entertaining at the same time. 

So there you have it, my reading list. I follow other blogs too, of course, but these are my favourites. To me, reading these while having my cuppa is the ultimate definition of "chilling out". Yeah, I'm a cool cat like that.  On an entirely different note, last night I found a recipe on how to make cold coffee here. The images look so inviting, innit? I used to hate coffee while I was in high school. But my arrogance was defeated once I tasted NZ's flat white. And of course, I needed coffee while burning the midnight oil to finish those assignments. Ah, the good ol' uni days.

Anyway, what have YOU been reading?
Maybe leave me some links in the comment section.
I'd like for my reading list to grow you know.
Have a fine evening dear readers :)


  1. I've been reading a whole lotta knitting blogs, for sure. Loving http://apileofsheep.wordpress.com/ for the time being! Her writing is just so funny sometimes.

    1. Hi Rozy thanks for this link.

      I like her post about "how to keep your knitting budget from spiralling out of control".
      I never thought that knitting with thinner yarn could be so economical!


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