More Afghan Ideas.

More afghan ideas this week!
Clockwise from top left:

:: Stripy Afghan
This is a very simple pattern. First, learn how to do your Double Crochet/Treble Stitch from this video. And then learn how to join in new yarn and change colors of your stitch. What? You already know how to do all that? Good! Now go make yourself a Stripy Afghan!

:: Corner Start Granny
This pattern shares the same concept with the Diagonal Block Stitch but this is the Granny version of it. How gran-tastic is that? Study the pattern here.

:: Granny Ripple
Really, another Granny? Yes! Grannies are so awesome they can be worked in so many ways. Squares, two color blocks, diagonals and now they can be worked as ripples too! Learn how to do this from The Lazy Hobbyhopper then get the pattern from Project Linus or watch the video tutorial here.

:: Catherine Wheel Stitch
To be perfectly honest, I don't like working in this stitch. I get really annoyed when the wheels fail to form themselves as round as I want them to be. But I must say this is a good pattern if you REALLY want to get rid of your yarn stash; it will eat all your yarn like there's no tomorrow! Learn how to do this stitch from a series of video tutorials starting from here.

Speaking of afghans, check out the cute window display of Timeout Bookstore in Auckland. My friend Dino who is currently in Auckland to complete his Ph.D tweeted me this photo saying that it reminded him of my crochet :D

I like the idea of hanging an afghan as a window display. It gives out that warm and cosy vibe associated with quiet evenings, books and hot tea. Maybe we should all hang an afghan in our houses to remind us of warm feelings and the colours of our lives. Maybe. Anyway I shall leave you with a photo of me, Dino and our friend Shidee when we were visiting the majestic Cape Reinga in 2009. Jeeez, that was about 3 years ago innit? Ah, what good memories!

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee

Enjoy your weekend!
Be safe and I'll see you in the next post. 

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