In retrospect.

Things I'd tell my 14 year-old self:

:: If in doubt, don't.
:: Appreciate the irony.
:: Read, read, read.
:: Question what you read/hear/see.
:: You'll survive Maths, just don't give up.
:: Those pimples will go away eventually.
:: Stick your nose out of anyone's business.
:: Quit being so judgemental.
:: Think before you say anything.
:: Everything happens for reasons.
:: Try jogging/running, it's actually fun.
:: Drink plenty of water.
:: Swap the junk food for fresh fruits.
:: There's more to education than getting As for the exams.
:: Find out the difference between learning and studying.
:: Learn to crochet and knit, it's a rewarding thing to do.
:: Don't be afraid; speak up and stand up for yourself.
:: You always have a choice, always.

What would YOU tell your 14 year old self?


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