More Ideas For Afghan.

As usual, clockwise from top left:

:: Catherine Wheel Ripple
Really? A ripple version of this? They are encouraging this stitch to breed man! Pattern here is to make a dishcloth but you can just alter the multiplies and make it bigger for an afghan.

:: Happy Circles
This is actually a pattern for table runner but it is of course easily adjustable. I think this will make a darling afghan full of cute circles. 

:: Traditional Granny Square
Hands down, my all time favourite. Learn how to crochet this square from this video. Pattern for the afghan is here .

:: Solid Granny Square
Now I reckon this pattern will make a good granny afghan suitable for the cold season, yes? Get the video, the written instruction and the diagram for this pattern from Teresa's blog.

Have you been making anything exciting recently? Maybe let me know in the comment section and I can drown myself in the pool of everyone's creativity. Hehe. Anyway, I conducted a little experiment this afternoon. In an effort to refuse the influence of commercial shampoo in my everyday life, I went with the No Poo Shampoo Method. I washed my hair with baking soda and rinsed it with white vinegar. I was a bit sceptic at first but I'm super chuffed that my hair turned out to be all clean and soft! If you want to try it too, it is highly advisable that you do your research first. What works for me may not work for you. So don't just jump straight into it alright!

Happy weekend!
Bye now!



Hi ya!

I'm just in for a quick post. I found this Oldify app recently and I like it a lot. Looking at the image of an older me is such good fun. Check this shizz out:

Yours truly..LOL!

My sister..even more LOL!

My brother..scary old man!

Le boyfriend..he should look much older than this!

On a serious note, looking at my old face makes me gulp a bit. Old age is unstoppable. All this skin that I have will eventually sag, my eyes will eventually lose its ability to see clearly and I'm not even sure if I will be able crochet/knit by the time I am all wrinkly and weak. What if I have arthritis?

No matter how much beauty cream they sell on the market these days, how hard the scientists work to find whatever hormones our bodies need to prolong youth, getting old will eventually take place just like death. Human beings are truly vulnerable that way. 

I hope all is well at your end.
I'll see you in the next post, bye now!


Just A Reminder.

Pattern is from Mitten and Makings

How's your Monday so far? Good? Or a little bit icky? Aww..please don't be sad! Chin up and have faith that it will all get better soon. And don't forget to smile while you're at it. That's right, take that frown off your face and smile! Ah, you look so much better when you smile!

"Nobody trips over mountains. It's the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain"

See you in the next post! Bye now!


More Afghan Ideas.

More afghan ideas this week!
Clockwise from top left:

:: Stripy Afghan
This is a very simple pattern. First, learn how to do your Double Crochet/Treble Stitch from this video. And then learn how to join in new yarn and change colors of your stitch. What? You already know how to do all that? Good! Now go make yourself a Stripy Afghan!

:: Corner Start Granny
This pattern shares the same concept with the Diagonal Block Stitch but this is the Granny version of it. How gran-tastic is that? Study the pattern here.

:: Granny Ripple
Really, another Granny? Yes! Grannies are so awesome they can be worked in so many ways. Squares, two color blocks, diagonals and now they can be worked as ripples too! Learn how to do this from The Lazy Hobbyhopper then get the pattern from Project Linus or watch the video tutorial here.

:: Catherine Wheel Stitch
To be perfectly honest, I don't like working in this stitch. I get really annoyed when the wheels fail to form themselves as round as I want them to be. But I must say this is a good pattern if you REALLY want to get rid of your yarn stash; it will eat all your yarn like there's no tomorrow! Learn how to do this stitch from a series of video tutorials starting from here.

Speaking of afghans, check out the cute window display of Timeout Bookstore in Auckland. My friend Dino who is currently in Auckland to complete his Ph.D tweeted me this photo saying that it reminded him of my crochet :D

I like the idea of hanging an afghan as a window display. It gives out that warm and cosy vibe associated with quiet evenings, books and hot tea. Maybe we should all hang an afghan in our houses to remind us of warm feelings and the colours of our lives. Maybe. Anyway I shall leave you with a photo of me, Dino and our friend Shidee when we were visiting the majestic Cape Reinga in 2009. Jeeez, that was about 3 years ago innit? Ah, what good memories!

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee

Enjoy your weekend!
Be safe and I'll see you in the next post. 


Sweet Monday.

    Pattern is from Mitten and Makings

Yes, hello! Are you new here? Welcome! Or are you a returning reader? Thank you for that! You're a cool cat! I'm typing this post while listening to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want To Have Fun. I have something quite fun planned in my head at the moment. I hope I'm brave enough to do it. Will let you know about it once it's done :D 

Oh, is it your birthday today? Happy birthday! Today is me aunty's day so lets give her a shout out: Happy Birthday Mimas! She's my library mate you know. We both enjoy the act of sitting quietly among strangers in the bloody cold building and read our day away. Yeah, we're cool library gals like that.

On an entirely unrelated note, local car company Proton is launching something new tonight. At least that's what I was told. You should Google that shizz away if you're interested. Maybe you need a car? Maybe you want to support our economic state by buying a locally manufactured car? Totally up to you. Anyway, Jo is going to the launching tonight. Go Jo!

How's your Monday so far?
I hope it's all good at your end.
See you in the next post!


Afghan Ideas, again!

Clockwise from top left:

What have you been up to? Seen any good films recently? Read any thought provoking books? I've been listening to heaps of podcasts from Life Matters, I like that program so much! Oh and I saw Blue Valentine this week. That sure was a depressing story. If a balding Ryan Gosling is your cup of tea I'd say go watch the movie. Or if you are one of those people who thinks that marriage is the solution to everything then yes, give it a go. 

I'm always bitter about the idea of marriage and the whole labyrinth of drama that could result from it. If anything, the film only reinforces the negativity that is brewing deep in my rotten brain. So, if you are educated but unemployed because of bureaucracy (and you can still laugh about it after so many months), you are better off watching reruns of That 70s Show. Or The L Word. Or Little Britain. Or learn how to swim.

Have an ace weekend!


Either this or that.

Scallops knitting pattern translated into crochet.
I think the knitted version is much better, yes?


In retrospect.

Things I'd tell my 14 year-old self:

:: If in doubt, don't.
:: Appreciate the irony.
:: Read, read, read.
:: Question what you read/hear/see.
:: You'll survive Maths, just don't give up.
:: Those pimples will go away eventually.
:: Stick your nose out of anyone's business.
:: Quit being so judgemental.
:: Think before you say anything.
:: Everything happens for reasons.
:: Try jogging/running, it's actually fun.
:: Drink plenty of water.
:: Swap the junk food for fresh fruits.
:: There's more to education than getting As for the exams.
:: Find out the difference between learning and studying.
:: Learn to crochet and knit, it's a rewarding thing to do.
:: Don't be afraid; speak up and stand up for yourself.
:: You always have a choice, always.

What would YOU tell your 14 year old self?


Yarns on wheels.

I've been wondering a lot about starting a business selling yarns. A business that operates in a solid, brick and mortar store. But then I came across an article by Meena Kadri about mobile enterprise here. Yarns being sold on a bike! How clever is that? 

The world is full of wonder, indeed.


Afghan Ideas.

Clockwise from the top left:

:: Ripple Stitch
Lucy writes a tutorial for this stitch here.

:: Diagonal Two-Color Granny
Go here for a video tutorial or here for a free pattern.

:: Diagonal Block Stitch
Written tutorial with some photos here or go here  if you learn better through demonstration.

:: Larksfoot Stitch
Video tutorial AND written pattern by the lovely Teresa.

Now off you go and get the hook going. Have yourself a good weekend and if Easter is your thing then have a good Easter Monday too :D


My reading list.

Dilmah Earl Grey in a big cup, like a boss :D

Homemade cold coffee tastes better if you have it in a jar.

How are ya? Whatcha been up to? I hope everyone is well and rad. I thought today I'll share with you a list of my favourite blogs/sites.

Rhonda of Down to Earth is like a virtual grandma to me. She writes about simple living, growing our own food, controlling our money and she teaches her readers how to make soap too! Rhonda is full of wisdom and I am forever grateful that I found her blog.

In the age where the world is full of distractions, Leo's site is minimalism at its best. There is no images, no fancy buttons, very easy to navigate and his writing is often short and precise. Leo truly teaches me that "less is more".

Anyone who crochets knows Lucy of Attic24. If you don't, then you should totally click the link NOW. Her blog is crochet-gasm I promise! Plenty of yarn goodness, free tutorials and beautiful photos too.

Pip of Meet Me at Mike's is the person who introduces me to crochet. I discovered her through my favourite magazine Frankie in which she writes about ideas for craft projects. Go check her out and she'll teach you how to crochet for free :D

Meredith is one awesome girl. Her blog header is so pretty I fell in love with the site instantly without having to scroll further down the page to read the content! Meredith knits, crochets and bakes. If those are your sort of thing, then go indulge yourself in all kind of sheepish goodness.

Sucrette is a friendly blogger. In her blog you will suffocate from the excitement you get looking at her photos of colorful yarns and cute crochet projects. She is also a very helpful crocheter like Lucy cos she writes free tutorials for her readers. I like reading her entries, she's always very cheerful.

Kim is so pretty. I want her hair. I want all the drawings in her notebook. I want all her knitted mittens. I want Kim! *psycho face*

I love how opinionated Keri is as an artist. She strongly encourages people to be creative and explore their potential. She's also the person behind ad free blog campaign, debating about the presence of corporate advertisements in most areas of our lives. 

Rohan Anderson is a bloke who grows, gathers, hunts and cooks his own food. He also takes nice photographs. Very educating and entertaining at the same time. 

So there you have it, my reading list. I follow other blogs too, of course, but these are my favourites. To me, reading these while having my cuppa is the ultimate definition of "chilling out". Yeah, I'm a cool cat like that.  On an entirely different note, last night I found a recipe on how to make cold coffee here. The images look so inviting, innit? I used to hate coffee while I was in high school. But my arrogance was defeated once I tasted NZ's flat white. And of course, I needed coffee while burning the midnight oil to finish those assignments. Ah, the good ol' uni days.

Anyway, what have YOU been reading?
Maybe leave me some links in the comment section.
I'd like for my reading list to grow you know.
Have a fine evening dear readers :)
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