So happy I could die.

My afghan is done!! I could literally feel my heart beating so quickly the moment I crocheted the very last scallop stitch yesterday. It's the best feeling ever!

Awww my darling baby!

This measures about 67'" x 59" 

Ahhh..those colors!

The scallop edging.

Yours truly :D

As a little celebration, I'm off for a cuppa while listening endlessly to Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. I should really start on the long overdue tiny whale for Nadila. And one for Jo as well (again!). And Adhwa's birthday present too! (Opps, sorry mitchy hahah :p) Don't judge me alright, I'll get to it soon heeee.

I wish all of you well.
And I hope your day is swell.


  1. yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
    suda siap!!!i will tell mimas tonite ;D

    1. Hi kak :D
      Dah sehat?
      Kabilai tgk gmbr di Facebook dia bilang suru bikin banyak banyak then jual di tamu. Hahaha.

    2. sehat oredi ;)
      see????semua menyuruh kau berbisnis.hahahaha

  2. WOOOOOOOP tahniahhhh! The afgan looks brilliant I vant to stealllllllll ittttttt. Ok tak tak. Hehe

    I know this is like my first time commenting, doesn't mean its my first time here. Pembaca senyap2 jehh.

    You sent me a text asking what color, babe I don't mind. Any color would do, just not blue cause the one I have is blue. So yellow? Or patterned? Hehehe

    Loves yous.

    1. Babe hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

      Pembaca senyap rupanye takotnyeee berasa mcm Big Brother is watching T.T

      Hot pink boleh? Boleh ye. I think it will be a perfect pair for the blue one hehehe.

    2. Hot pink is mighty fine babe and yes it definitely goes with the blue one I have now. It looks lonely and would love a hot pink company. Hehe. Aww man how can I put a picture on the icon thingy, I pun nak tunjuk muka. Ehh

    3. Hehe cool cat then. Nanti dah siap Cik Paus I'll make a post about it here alright. About icon photo, I think you boleh pergi kt edit profile kot for that. Kalau tak berjaya, you'll know what I'll tell you. Google it :p

  3. Dasyat! Clap, clap!
    Memang patut celebrate pun bila dah siap, sebab besor! ^_^

    1. Heheh tula pasal Kak Yati. Besor and berat! Sakit jari ni semua lepas habis crochet benda ni. Tp berbaloi sbb happy tengok all the colors :D

    ur blankie is done! it's so detailed n i can see ur passion while completing this. jauh suda blankie ni merantau.hampir semua negeri d malaysia tu ha!

    Congratulations, Mitchy!
    you're awesome

    oh yes, please start on the present. pressure enough? hahaha

    nnt mak aku blk next week, aku tunjuk kat dia eh gamba blankie ko yg KACAK ni

    1. Thanks Mitchy!!

      Terima kaseh kau selalu sokong aku dalam hobby yang humble ni.

      Pasal present kau: aku tak tau nak buat apa T.T
      I tried crocheting a mary jane pumps for your but it turned out to be so ugly!

  5. Oh wow that's pretty sweet! I've always wanted to crochet an afghan myself but it's pretty daunting when I imagine the size.

    P/S: YAY SABAHAN CROCHETER/KNITTER! I'm gonna be following your blog from now on :)

    1. Hi ya Rozy!

      Aww thank you for visiting and leaving a nice comment here, made my day :)
      Yea, thinking about the size can be a bit discouraging but I promise you, it's worth it :D

      p/s: yay for that!! Let me know if you have a blog, I'd like to know about you too :)

  6. Wah... what a lovely agfhan Nur.. This is really big one! I am sure it took lots of time and effort to complete this :) Amazing job! Ah.. i want to share this amazing project by you so much. May I have the permission to share at Da'Knit FB fan page? Will state your name on the picture for copyright ya. Thanks a lot! Still browsing thru your blog. Found really many awesome projects and believe me, they are very inspiring :) Thank you for sharing that feelings.

    1. Yes it took me about 2 months to finish the whole thing. It was all fun and exciting in the beginning but I have to say I got bored towards the end and all I wanted was to get it done. I'm glad it's finished now :D

      Yes sure, not a problem. I'm glad to share my work with fellow crocheters/knitters.
      Thank you for visiting here, I feel humbled :)

  7. WOW!!! akhirnya dh siap!! cantek gila color diaaa..bee-you-tee-ful..dh lama gak la i tak lawat ur blog nie, tgk2 dh siap..chantekkk.. :) :)

    1. Asyaaaa long time no seeeee :D

      Yess akhirnya siapp! Aww thankss.
      How are you?
      Have you been crocheting anything recently?

  8. cantik gila..!

    nk buat jugak..

    berapa size dia..? guna benang berapa byk..?

    1. Hi missSenget, thanks :)

      Size of the entire blanket is 67"x59".
      I used about 20 balls of benang (50g per ball).
      Crochet hook size is 4.0 mm.
      Google 'crochet diagonal stitch', you should find the pattern.

      All the best!


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