The Other Sock.

So I've finished knitting the other sock few days ago. Mom washed it by hands since I specifically asked her not to put it in the washing machine. The yarn is so thick we had to wait about 24 hours for the socks to dry. Yes, 24 hours! Even in this hot climate! Anyway mom is quite chuffed with the socks although she confessed that it looks a bit like the socks that my father will wear when he goes out for hunting. You know, those thick manly socks. I guess it's partly because of the dark blue color. Hah. Next time I'll get something bright and funky for her. I'll see if mom will complain about that too :p
I love you mom! Oh here's a photo of the blankie that I started crocheting aaaages ago.

Yeah...I haven't finished it yet.
I should probably get back to it now.
Have a good evening!

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