Notes On A Scandal.

So I have been reading Notes On A Scandal. The book was a required reading for a Women's Studies course I did in uni back in 2009. I enjoyed reading it the first time and it is even more thrilling to read the book again now. 

The story constantly challenges the notion of validity for the kind of story told purely from one's observation. I tend to question the authenticity of Barbara's account of the story and I yearned to listen to what Sheba had to say about the mess that she created; provided that she really did create any mess at all. Also, the author's description of Barbara's loneliness resonates strangely well with me too. Am I as lonely as Barbara? I don't know. I guess it is safe to say that to some extent, all of us went through that phase of lonesomeness, no? Err...maybe not everybody does, maybe I'm the only one. 

I actually quite like this type of reading material. The kind that makes you think beyond the surface of the story and forces you to reassess your interpretation of the entire event. I'm a skeptic, you see. 

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Maybe you will think differently of the book and that you prefer some other reading genre.  That is totally fine by me, as long as you keep reading. Reading is good, surprise surprise :D

Next in my list is Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Alrighty then, I should go and have shower now. We had no water supply for the whole day in my area yesterday. Bapak called the local department and they said that they are in the middle of doing something to improve the piping system. National election is coming up, you see. So they think NOW is the crucial time to contribute to us rakyat. Right, after 5 years from the last election. Anywayyyy, I shouldn't judge. I haven't been paying attention to the state of politics in my country for the last 25 years. So...yeah, don't take my word for it.

I wish you well and I hope you have an ace Sunday :D


  1. Really nice bookmark! Your bookmark finally give me an idea of something I need to do for my swap partner :) Thank you for the inspiration again Nur. Do you know, turkish people called it yazma. Making crochet edging at every side of the paper, but usually they made it on tudung :)

    1. Aww no worries, I'm glad I can be a bit of a help. Aha, 'yazma' I see. Thank you, I'm learning something new today. Of course, yazma around the tudung sounds like a good idea. I should do that. And probably yazma for baju kurong too, yes? New ideaaa :D


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