Last Stitch Standing.

      I was down to the last two stitches of the diagonal afghan last night. 

Then, the ultimate last stitch. 

Drum roll!! I'm done with the afghan's entire body!! 

That doesn't mean celebration though. I decided to add an edging to the blanket to hold its shape. Nothing fancy really, I'm just doing single crochet all around and probably do the scallop stitch in the final round.  No proper photo of the entire afghan yet but hopefully this one below will give you an idea of how it looks like at the moment. Anyway, I wish you well and I hope you have an ace Monday :D


  1. finallyyyyyyy. siapp punnn. nice colorr apa. br leh tdo dgn selesa. so tauk kan alamat i? sila la mhantarnyaaa

    1. Hahah hantar gi umah sik mok. Buat hantaran mok. EH?

  2. awesome!
    so, is this my birthday present?
    *tiru jo*

    1. Hahah chy ko jangan nak psycho aku eh. I haven't started on yours yet. Saje nak buat ko suprise jeng jeng jenggggg :D

    2. jgn nk jeng jeng jeng je
      g jeng jeng ngan benang2 tu ha.eh? hahahahahahahaha

      it's okay la mithcyyyyy.biar lambat asalkan sampai parcel kat alamat umah aku.eh? hahaha


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