Great Women.

This is my father's mom. Her name is Normah. I have a lot of respect for her mostly because I think she's cool. Hehe. She doesn't say much, smokes cigarettes and she is a good cook. She often tells me about her experience working at a tobacco factory, earning her own money at a very young age and of course sewing clothes for herself and her children. Not very long ago, we had a conversation about crochet. Due to limited resources back in the old days, Grandma learnt to crochet by observing other people crocheting and by studying their finished projects. This reminds me that anyone has the capacity for learning anything in life, we just have to make do with what we have around us.

This is my mother's mom, her name is Iring. Her cognitive ability is rapidly reduced now due to old age. To put it simply, she is suffering from Alzheimer. She hardly recognizes her own children these days. She often asks us about her parents which left us speechless because honestly how do you tell a person; older than you but has now come full circle and back to her childlike manner, that her parents are long gone even before you were even born? Few days ago Mom told me that she saw Grandma was getting angry at her own reflection in the mirror. She thought that it was someone else trying to mock her by copying her actions. Quite funny but it breaks your heart, innit? The first time that we realized Grandma is going through this phase we found it difficult to accept that we will no longer have the same Grandma we used to have. I had a lot of whys in my head and I question the importance of children, marriage and having someone to take care of me when I am old and helpless.

So these are the great women of my life. They receive no formal education but they get on well in their lives, survive many challenging decades and have observed remarkable events in this world. Looking back at their experiences on being young women, I am reminded about how crucial it is to work hard so that I don't have to depend on others to make my own way in life. Now that they are old and fragile, they make me realize how vulnerable human beings are.

No matter how much money we have and how much stuff (shoes, cars, houses, gadgets, bags etc etc) we possess, in the end it does not matter. It never does. All that matter is having good, trustworthy people in our lives. I will try and be good to these people because I believe that what goes around comes around. I will also try to fill my life with good deeds so that one day I will be able to look back at it with warm and happy feelings instead of anger and regret.

I hope your Monday is awesome :)


  1. great read. the best post so far for non-crochet related. thanks tatik for sharing.

    p/s sila buat snyuman mcm dlm gmbr last..now :)

    1. Thank you :)

      p/s sik buat senyuman macam dalam gambar last pun tetap comel bukan :D

  2. aaaa....great women, indeed!

    it's in ur blood, mitchy <3


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