Annoying people.

Our brothers and sisters could be the most annoying people on earth. They get on our nerves allllll the time. But we still love them anyway. Or more like, we HAVE to love them anyway. Ah well.

Meet The Junaidis: Yours Truly, Eaffeandhey, Sofiah and Sufyan.
Sufyan was interested in crochet one time and asked me to teach him. But I lost my patience while teaching him and he sticks to computer games in the end. Sofiah, if anything, is a Twitter gal. I do hope that one day we will share the same hobby. Andy, well, we used to play cooking games together when we were small kids you know. Now, he plays mostly violent games on the internet. One day I'll remind him that cooking games matter too.

Have an ace Sunday!


  1. wahh ada gmbr blom pnah tngk gik. sepa tu gmbr di top right corner? heheh. andy bah main masak2? ini msti time tu kamu duak jak kann hahah.

    1. Hi Encik.

      Top right corner haruslah Yours Truly with Andy :p
      Yes, main masak masak bersama sbb ada dua orang jak manusia kecil di rumah.
      Eleh, mesti kau pun pernah kannnnnn :p

  2. tatix sgt cuteeeeeeee *dulu la.eh?*

    now, you're a beautiful young lady
    ok, pegi sambung dgn crochet ye tix =P

  3. ohhhh semua kazenan ;D
    ok skrg imagine kami bertiga pulak pose mcm diatas.dengan entri, "adik lelaki hanya seorang, tapi bikin panas sampai bebila" ;D ;D

    1. Hahah would make a good entry especially for Mimas' birthday which is coming this month kannn :D


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