All creatures great and small.

Hello, how's it going?

I've been quiet, I know. After the afghan was done, I took a break from crochet and blogging. I felt that I needed to breath and keep the yarn away from my sight for awhile. So yesterday I picked up my hook again and in the end these two tiny whales were born. These are great to crochet because they are small, very quick to make and most importantly, they provide you instant gratification. I hope Nadila and Jo will like these. No really, they HAVE to like these. These are too cute :D

Pattern is from June.

No no no, I didn't make this! A dear aunt crocheted this cardigan for me when I was about 2 years old. *Awww, thank you aunty!* I'm not particularly fond of the color but I really like the pattern. The best part of it is the sleeve. Very chic for a 2 year old, isn't it? Hehehe. I'm glad that this is well kept by mom. Apart from bringing back fond memories of childhood, I think that this goes to show that crochet runs in the family for quite a long time. And recently another aunt picked up crocheting again after a very long hiatus. I was so happy to be able to talk to her in the crochet language! We talked about yarn, hooks and of course, the ultimate question: "how did you learn to crochet?". 

Aunt's comeback project: the ever popular tissue box cover.

I like knowing that I am part of this humble tradition. Crochet may not be the most glamorous thing to do in this world but it is so rewarding it provides us with profound sense of achievement and contentment. And that should be enough, I reckon.

Have a swell Friday everyone :D



    I'll be seeing youuuu and if Yati is ever gonna give you to someone else like your older brother please disintegrate yourself and be a pile of pink yarn, a couple of buttons and fillings for me ok.

    THANKS BABE YOU ROCK. I have liked it since the day I asked for another one. Hehe

    and may I say, the cardigan is SO cute. So angelic I cant imagine you're wearing that even if you were just a tiny innocent baby.

  2. Babesy!

    Hahahahah I thought you would have forgotten about the old paus!! Get over it already, yours is much cuter ok :D

    No worries babe, it's just a tiny whale. Takde ape pun. Now ima look for stamps 3posen to send this to Tanah Melayu.

    Yes the cardigan is cute but I was a cute angelic innocent baby even without the cardigan so shut it.

  3. mmg org cute mcm kami berhak itu whale =)
    herm sudah ada pink n biru...anak2 ikan paus on the way? eh

    1. Apa tadik, ko mok pinjam hook and some yarn utk crochet anak anak paus? Awww so cuteeee come I'll teach youuuu

  4. Eeks a whale! Made a few of these, nice quick things to satisfy an itchy crafty hand haha.

    1. Rozy, "itchy crafty hand" hahah yes indeed! But make sure you know your sc rounds otherwise the whale may turn out to be weird looking :p


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