About crochet.

I have a small collection of craft books and this one here is my favorite. It is by the incredible Miss Pip. I knew from reading her blog that Pip had a book published so the moment I saw the book being sold at a cute bookshop in Mount Eden Village, I just had to get it! It was the only one left on the shelf and I remember spending the last few dollars I had from my pay that week just so that I could go home with it. It was all worth it because.........? Check out this photo below!!

Ahhh would you look at those squares in the photo! If there is one thing that should be blamed for my obsession of crochet, this will be it. I am constantly fascinated by those colors that make up all the squares and every time I open the book, I always go straight to this very page just to look at these squares. Strange how a simple picture is capable of bringing huge impact to your life, isn't it? I then started to learn how to crochet from Pip's Vimeo channel and after several attempts, my first granny squares tablecloth was born!

Tadaaaa! Squares made of white, purple, yellow and black yarn! Every time I look at this, I feel so warm in my heart. So happy. So good. In my mind all I can think of is: I MADE THIS. I DID. I guess it is the same feeling you get as a child when you managed to spell a word correctly for the first time. It's that kind of process, you know. It was hard at first but you insist on trying and in the end, you did it. Felt good, right?

What you see above is a Granny Square. Add some creativity and passion to it, you can make a cloth from this square. You can even make a bed cover if you want. Or bikini. Or cover your car with this square! But of course to do that you either need heaps of this little thing or you have to crochet a much bigger square. Your choice :)

To me, the most beautiful thing about crochet is the freedom to play with the hook and the yarn. You can make ANYTHING out of it. And same goes with knitting too. Endless possibilities from such a humble craft! Go on and learn how to crochet. I hope you like it. But if you don't at least you can say "been there, done that", right? 

Anyway I hope your day is good and amazing.
If it isn't then don't be sad, mate.
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well".


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