Annoying people.

Our brothers and sisters could be the most annoying people on earth. They get on our nerves allllll the time. But we still love them anyway. Or more like, we HAVE to love them anyway. Ah well.

Meet The Junaidis: Yours Truly, Eaffeandhey, Sofiah and Sufyan.
Sufyan was interested in crochet one time and asked me to teach him. But I lost my patience while teaching him and he sticks to computer games in the end. Sofiah, if anything, is a Twitter gal. I do hope that one day we will share the same hobby. Andy, well, we used to play cooking games together when we were small kids you know. Now, he plays mostly violent games on the internet. One day I'll remind him that cooking games matter too.

Have an ace Sunday!


All creatures great and small.

Hello, how's it going?

I've been quiet, I know. After the afghan was done, I took a break from crochet and blogging. I felt that I needed to breath and keep the yarn away from my sight for awhile. So yesterday I picked up my hook again and in the end these two tiny whales were born. These are great to crochet because they are small, very quick to make and most importantly, they provide you instant gratification. I hope Nadila and Jo will like these. No really, they HAVE to like these. These are too cute :D

Pattern is from June.

No no no, I didn't make this! A dear aunt crocheted this cardigan for me when I was about 2 years old. *Awww, thank you aunty!* I'm not particularly fond of the color but I really like the pattern. The best part of it is the sleeve. Very chic for a 2 year old, isn't it? Hehehe. I'm glad that this is well kept by mom. Apart from bringing back fond memories of childhood, I think that this goes to show that crochet runs in the family for quite a long time. And recently another aunt picked up crocheting again after a very long hiatus. I was so happy to be able to talk to her in the crochet language! We talked about yarn, hooks and of course, the ultimate question: "how did you learn to crochet?". 

Aunt's comeback project: the ever popular tissue box cover.

I like knowing that I am part of this humble tradition. Crochet may not be the most glamorous thing to do in this world but it is so rewarding it provides us with profound sense of achievement and contentment. And that should be enough, I reckon.

Have a swell Friday everyone :D


So happy I could die.

My afghan is done!! I could literally feel my heart beating so quickly the moment I crocheted the very last scallop stitch yesterday. It's the best feeling ever!

Awww my darling baby!

This measures about 67'" x 59" 

Ahhh..those colors!

The scallop edging.

Yours truly :D

As a little celebration, I'm off for a cuppa while listening endlessly to Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know. I should really start on the long overdue tiny whale for Nadila. And one for Jo as well (again!). And Adhwa's birthday present too! (Opps, sorry mitchy hahah :p) Don't judge me alright, I'll get to it soon heeee.

I wish all of you well.
And I hope your day is swell.


Last Stitch Standing.

      I was down to the last two stitches of the diagonal afghan last night. 

Then, the ultimate last stitch. 

Drum roll!! I'm done with the afghan's entire body!! 

That doesn't mean celebration though. I decided to add an edging to the blanket to hold its shape. Nothing fancy really, I'm just doing single crochet all around and probably do the scallop stitch in the final round.  No proper photo of the entire afghan yet but hopefully this one below will give you an idea of how it looks like at the moment. Anyway, I wish you well and I hope you have an ace Monday :D


Listen to me.

I've been listening to podcasts.

About sock knitting.

About yarn bombing.

 Loani Prior's knitting life.

And my favorite one last night, The Resurgence of Knitting.
Tunein is probably the best app that I have in my iPod at the moment.
Thank you so much Mr. Internet :D

Enjoy your weekend!


About crochet.

I have a small collection of craft books and this one here is my favorite. It is by the incredible Miss Pip. I knew from reading her blog that Pip had a book published so the moment I saw the book being sold at a cute bookshop in Mount Eden Village, I just had to get it! It was the only one left on the shelf and I remember spending the last few dollars I had from my pay that week just so that I could go home with it. It was all worth it because.........? Check out this photo below!!

Ahhh would you look at those squares in the photo! If there is one thing that should be blamed for my obsession of crochet, this will be it. I am constantly fascinated by those colors that make up all the squares and every time I open the book, I always go straight to this very page just to look at these squares. Strange how a simple picture is capable of bringing huge impact to your life, isn't it? I then started to learn how to crochet from Pip's Vimeo channel and after several attempts, my first granny squares tablecloth was born!

Tadaaaa! Squares made of white, purple, yellow and black yarn! Every time I look at this, I feel so warm in my heart. So happy. So good. In my mind all I can think of is: I MADE THIS. I DID. I guess it is the same feeling you get as a child when you managed to spell a word correctly for the first time. It's that kind of process, you know. It was hard at first but you insist on trying and in the end, you did it. Felt good, right?

What you see above is a Granny Square. Add some creativity and passion to it, you can make a cloth from this square. You can even make a bed cover if you want. Or bikini. Or cover your car with this square! But of course to do that you either need heaps of this little thing or you have to crochet a much bigger square. Your choice :)

To me, the most beautiful thing about crochet is the freedom to play with the hook and the yarn. You can make ANYTHING out of it. And same goes with knitting too. Endless possibilities from such a humble craft! Go on and learn how to crochet. I hope you like it. But if you don't at least you can say "been there, done that", right? 

Anyway I hope your day is good and amazing.
If it isn't then don't be sad, mate.
"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well".


Great Women.

This is my father's mom. Her name is Normah. I have a lot of respect for her mostly because I think she's cool. Hehe. She doesn't say much, smokes cigarettes and she is a good cook. She often tells me about her experience working at a tobacco factory, earning her own money at a very young age and of course sewing clothes for herself and her children. Not very long ago, we had a conversation about crochet. Due to limited resources back in the old days, Grandma learnt to crochet by observing other people crocheting and by studying their finished projects. This reminds me that anyone has the capacity for learning anything in life, we just have to make do with what we have around us.

This is my mother's mom, her name is Iring. Her cognitive ability is rapidly reduced now due to old age. To put it simply, she is suffering from Alzheimer. She hardly recognizes her own children these days. She often asks us about her parents which left us speechless because honestly how do you tell a person; older than you but has now come full circle and back to her childlike manner, that her parents are long gone even before you were even born? Few days ago Mom told me that she saw Grandma was getting angry at her own reflection in the mirror. She thought that it was someone else trying to mock her by copying her actions. Quite funny but it breaks your heart, innit? The first time that we realized Grandma is going through this phase we found it difficult to accept that we will no longer have the same Grandma we used to have. I had a lot of whys in my head and I question the importance of children, marriage and having someone to take care of me when I am old and helpless.

So these are the great women of my life. They receive no formal education but they get on well in their lives, survive many challenging decades and have observed remarkable events in this world. Looking back at their experiences on being young women, I am reminded about how crucial it is to work hard so that I don't have to depend on others to make my own way in life. Now that they are old and fragile, they make me realize how vulnerable human beings are.

No matter how much money we have and how much stuff (shoes, cars, houses, gadgets, bags etc etc) we possess, in the end it does not matter. It never does. All that matter is having good, trustworthy people in our lives. I will try and be good to these people because I believe that what goes around comes around. I will also try to fill my life with good deeds so that one day I will be able to look back at it with warm and happy feelings instead of anger and regret.

I hope your Monday is awesome :)


Notes On A Scandal.

So I have been reading Notes On A Scandal. The book was a required reading for a Women's Studies course I did in uni back in 2009. I enjoyed reading it the first time and it is even more thrilling to read the book again now. 

The story constantly challenges the notion of validity for the kind of story told purely from one's observation. I tend to question the authenticity of Barbara's account of the story and I yearned to listen to what Sheba had to say about the mess that she created; provided that she really did create any mess at all. Also, the author's description of Barbara's loneliness resonates strangely well with me too. Am I as lonely as Barbara? I don't know. I guess it is safe to say that to some extent, all of us went through that phase of lonesomeness, no? Err...maybe not everybody does, maybe I'm the only one. 

I actually quite like this type of reading material. The kind that makes you think beyond the surface of the story and forces you to reassess your interpretation of the entire event. I'm a skeptic, you see. 

Anyway, that's just my opinion. Maybe you will think differently of the book and that you prefer some other reading genre.  That is totally fine by me, as long as you keep reading. Reading is good, surprise surprise :D

Next in my list is Hard Times by Charles Dickens.

Alrighty then, I should go and have shower now. We had no water supply for the whole day in my area yesterday. Bapak called the local department and they said that they are in the middle of doing something to improve the piping system. National election is coming up, you see. So they think NOW is the crucial time to contribute to us rakyat. Right, after 5 years from the last election. Anywayyyy, I shouldn't judge. I haven't been paying attention to the state of politics in my country for the last 25 years. So...yeah, don't take my word for it.

I wish you well and I hope you have an ace Sunday :D


My friend Adhwa.

This is my friend Nurul Adhwa. I call her Adh or Wawa or Mitch. We met in college where we did our A-level together. We then went separate ways as we enrolled in different universities. Despite the distance, we visited each other almost every year during the holiday. We do stuff together which include: road trips, shopping sessions, sewing skirts and pajamas, trolling on Facebook as well as attending the same school for our teaching practicum. Mitch is a funny and well organized person. Today is Mitch's birthday. 
So lets have a small birthday celebration for Mitch by laughing hysterically smiling fondly at our memories together.

Mitch and I in college, probably 2007?

Mitch and I in Wellington, 2008.

Mitch and I in Rotorua, 2011.

Dr. Gleeson and Dr. Hope with Mitch and I during our teaching practicum, 2011.

Mitch went to Japan last year to visit her brother and she got me this awesome pack.

Take a closer look..it's Japanese crochet books!! I'm chuffed!!

Mitch and I singing May's classic number "Cintamu Mekar Di Hati"

Happy birthday Mitch!
Your birthday present will be a little late this year, I'm sorry.
But I will get around to it soon, okayyyy? I love you Mitch!
Anyway Mitch, the last photo above is the 1003th photo in the M.A.Y album. 
Funny coincidence, innit? ;p
Ohh...quick shout out to Su, happy birthday to you too!

Su posed with the red camera strap crocheted by yours truly.

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee, Mitch and Su!


The Other Sock.

So I've finished knitting the other sock few days ago. Mom washed it by hands since I specifically asked her not to put it in the washing machine. The yarn is so thick we had to wait about 24 hours for the socks to dry. Yes, 24 hours! Even in this hot climate! Anyway mom is quite chuffed with the socks although she confessed that it looks a bit like the socks that my father will wear when he goes out for hunting. You know, those thick manly socks. I guess it's partly because of the dark blue color. Hah. Next time I'll get something bright and funky for her. I'll see if mom will complain about that too :p
I love you mom! Oh here's a photo of the blankie that I started crocheting aaaages ago.

Yeah...I haven't finished it yet.
I should probably get back to it now.
Have a good evening!
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