So hot!

I think the sun was a bit angry yesterday. It shone gloriously in my area but that sure came with A LOT of heat. So hot that I couldn't get my knitting right at all! I had to frog the whole thing for about 4 times! So hot that I longed to be back in Fox Glacier or maybe get on a cruise around Milford Sound.

Milford Sound

Hiking in Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier

Mmm..nice and cold! A little bit like today. It was raining outside just now and it's not too hot like yesterday. I'm having cold tea with two slices of lemon in a big round cup. So good! Fingers crossed, I am having a high hope that today's heat will be better from yesterday.

What is everybody up to today? Whatever it is that you are doing, wherever you are, I wish you well and please stay safe :)

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee

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