Oh Yeah!

Do you remember my post about the crochet sock?
I wasn't very happy with the result and I thought I must learn the art of sock knitting.
Well, today I KNITTED a sock!! Oh yeahhhh I did! Lets have a look shall we?

I know, I know. This is only my first sock and I admit that I don't know much about knitting except to do the knit and the purl stitch, but I feel a profound sense of accomplishment with this. I really do. I thought that sock knitting is so difficult but after trying very hard to understand the whole process, I got there. It is not easy but it is totally do-able!

I'm going to start knitting the second sock soon, hopefully it will turn out to be better and not too wobbly like the first one. But I'm still very happy with this actually, it fits nicely and I know it will keep mom's feet warm in the night. Ohh yes, I'm going to give my first pair of socks to mom. Cause mom is awesome. And I love mom. Heeeee :)

Do you want to knit your own socks too? Please do! Go here and here  for tutorials to knit a sock on a circular needle. I used a 9" circular knitting needle for this because honestly, I can't handle 4 double-pointed needles at a time. It's just too much for me. And make sure you use the right kind of yarn for socks if you want your socks to have the right amount of stretch. I bought my yarn online from Cotton House Store; it is mainly wool with a little bit of acrylic. 

So there you go, a lengthy post today about sock knitting! 
I hope I don't bore you. Hehehe. 
Have a good weekend everybody!
And for those who want to start knitting their own socks, go on!
Get the needles going and please don't give up.
You will get there. You will, I promise! :D


  1. Tahniah Yati, berjaya knit sock! Cantik!
    Kak Yati pun belum cuba lagi. :)

    1. Thanks akak! Yati belajar ni sampai pening pening :p
      Nanti akak cubalah knit socks jgk, boleh buat utk anak-anak akak yang comel giler tu, especially Sulaiman :p


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