The Notebook

I have a small yellow notebook where I keep all the cute crochet patterns I found.
Its small size encourages me to utilize every space I have on every page.
It is also quite thin and light which means I can carry all my favorite crochet patterns with me everywhere I go.

I think I have a special relationship with this little notebook.
It helps me to realize that small space is good.
Small space means efficiency.

And that is why I have been googling about tiny houses for the past few weeks.
Tiny houses with minimal decorations. Tiny houses with convertible furniture.
I like tiny houses. It challenges the way society dictates our understanding of what constitutes a proper house. Advertisements about big, pricey houses with all that ugly heavy furniture are shoved down our throat everyday by the media. So people work long hours in the job that they hate to pay their mortgages and all sorts of bills that come with it. Which is sad because all that valuable time is spent on doing something that makes them unhappy. We forget that we have a choice.

Oh dear, I was supposed to write about notebook!


  1. at the moment i got the tiny one.
    so how about the big one that i intend to buy for teacher mimas??? hehehe

    1. hehe if it is well within your means then it's fine lah kak. it's those who choose to own a house which is beyond what they could afford to pay yang agak membuatkan i hairan. kesanggupan bekerja sampai penat penat then balik ruma stress then kenak lg depression naa that's really something we should think about kan :)

  2. gmbr no 2 dr bwh yg jg 2 dr atas: wowww detail la kau melukis. itu duhal melukis/menyalin pattern yg kau ckp slama. haisiiiiiii. mau jgk spect tu enterframe kan. neway, keep it up ;)

    1. heheh mestila detail..kelak salah naa sik dpt la crochet Ollie gik. Spect tu guna utk pemberat page tu la. dengki la tu :p


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