Notebook, again.

Alright, alright I promise this shall be the last post about my small notebook collection. Today I am just going to show you a notebook that I use to keep all my favourite quotations. Oh yes, I keep quotations. I started keeping them while I was at college doing my A-Level. That was when I had the access to a lot of reading materials other than school textbooks and science stuff. I think my interest in keeping quotations was also fueled by the fact that I did a Sociology paper during those days. Our textbook was like a thick document of social discussions on education, gender, social status and everything else that makes up a society. It was very interesting. That was where I found good quotations by sociologists like Marxist, Mark Webber and Emile Durkheim. Anywayyyyyy, enough with Sociology alrighttt.

 Oh no, not all of the books here are my quotation books. 
It's only the purple and the big black one.

Some of the quotations I keep in the purple book.

This is from the big black book.

This is also from the big black book.
Some of these quotes are from the poems and the books that I have read.

Cover of my big black book.
I particularly like this quote so I put it as part of the front cover for this book.


  1. yati, scary! chemistry.is.freaking.me.out. i have the same black notebook where i wrote all my fav quotations from the novels that i have read and a little footnote as to the story behind it.its like my very own bookclub lah.so, who am i?eh?

    1. Eh? Main teka teki pule yeee. So who could you possibly eh? Ok lets list down all the potential people that share the same interest of reading and keeping quotations with me. Are you Azrin? Nawww Azrin is too busy hanging out with friends and letak letak gmbr kt facebook so she wouldn't have time for that. Mmm..are you Miyot? Nawww man Miyot is better than playing hide and seek like this. Are you..Wawa? Nooo Wawa is too busy with her SK2 skincare products. So are you Dino? Nawww Dino is too busy preparing for his PhD he won't have time to read, write quotations and then make footnote some more! Are you..Dila? Naww Dila won't have bookclub. She'll have catclub instead. So are youuu...Zaty? Naww Zaty is busy reading educational articles she won't have time to pop up here reading about my craft. So who are you? I'd like to think that you are Brad Pitt. Are you Brad Pitt? Please say yes pleasssseee!

  2. if you must know, i am angelina jolie..ohh verangan nak laki aku komen2 dekat blog kau ye??nan ado!
    p/s: i think you should come out with a more cool reason for that miyot.kesian her reasons dihimpit socialite agenda azrin & sk2 skincare. she has tried sk2 before, but failed on her so now she's #team-sabun-taharah.

    1. Hahahaha you must be Miyot thennnnnnnnnn :p alaa socialite reasons or SK2 reasons doesn't make Miyot less cooler than these gals. In fact mungkin Miyot ialah lebih cool sbb menggunak sabun taharah? heeheehee


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