Leap it! Leap it!

Only because today is the 29th day of February and it's a Leap Year! 

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee


So hot!

I think the sun was a bit angry yesterday. It shone gloriously in my area but that sure came with A LOT of heat. So hot that I couldn't get my knitting right at all! I had to frog the whole thing for about 4 times! So hot that I longed to be back in Fox Glacier or maybe get on a cruise around Milford Sound.

Milford Sound

Hiking in Fox Glacier

Fox Glacier

Mmm..nice and cold! A little bit like today. It was raining outside just now and it's not too hot like yesterday. I'm having cold tea with two slices of lemon in a big round cup. So good! Fingers crossed, I am having a high hope that today's heat will be better from yesterday.

What is everybody up to today? Whatever it is that you are doing, wherever you are, I wish you well and please stay safe :)

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee


Oh Yeah!

Do you remember my post about the crochet sock?
I wasn't very happy with the result and I thought I must learn the art of sock knitting.
Well, today I KNITTED a sock!! Oh yeahhhh I did! Lets have a look shall we?

I know, I know. This is only my first sock and I admit that I don't know much about knitting except to do the knit and the purl stitch, but I feel a profound sense of accomplishment with this. I really do. I thought that sock knitting is so difficult but after trying very hard to understand the whole process, I got there. It is not easy but it is totally do-able!

I'm going to start knitting the second sock soon, hopefully it will turn out to be better and not too wobbly like the first one. But I'm still very happy with this actually, it fits nicely and I know it will keep mom's feet warm in the night. Ohh yes, I'm going to give my first pair of socks to mom. Cause mom is awesome. And I love mom. Heeeee :)

Do you want to knit your own socks too? Please do! Go here and here  for tutorials to knit a sock on a circular needle. I used a 9" circular knitting needle for this because honestly, I can't handle 4 double-pointed needles at a time. It's just too much for me. And make sure you use the right kind of yarn for socks if you want your socks to have the right amount of stretch. I bought my yarn online from Cotton House Store; it is mainly wool with a little bit of acrylic. 

So there you go, a lengthy post today about sock knitting! 
I hope I don't bore you. Hehehe. 
Have a good weekend everybody!
And for those who want to start knitting their own socks, go on!
Get the needles going and please don't give up.
You will get there. You will, I promise! :D


Mission Possible.

:: A ball of yarn (70% wool 30% acrylic)
:: A circular knitting needle
:: A measuring tape
:: A pair of scissors
:: A darning needle
:: A lot of stitch markers

I am on a mission.
I'm trying to make an attire for the weirdest part of a human's body.
Wish me luck.


Bookmark my love.

Jo was being all sweet some time ago and slipped a little red note in my text book. 

I think this is quiet cute. BIG GRIN
The little note is my favourite bookmark now. 
So today I decided to add some crochet love to this bookmark.
I used a 1.5mm crochet hook and asked for some crochet cotton from mom. 
She had just the right yellow that I wanted.

 Anddd...drum roll please... tadaaaaa! 
             I managed to crochet the border after several unsuccessful attempts! :D :D 

A close up to my darling little border.

From the front.

And from the back. 
Oh, I added blue color paper to the back of this note. 
You like? Me like. 
Dear Jo, I hacked your love note. Boo-yah!

Anddd he yawned!


Bike ride.

So I went to ride my bike around the neighborhood yesterday morning. GASP.
The street was calm and empty except for few cars passing by occasionally.
The Killers was playing on my iPod for the entire time.
And then I realized: my bike has a "tattoo" of a very scary skull on it.
Yeah bro, I'm gangsta cool like that.


A not-so-busy bee.

Today is one of those uneventful days for me. I spend the day watching old episodes of Twilight Zone on Youtube and of course, do my crochet. Mum introduced me to Twilight Zone and she said she grew up watching this show. We had a go at watching one episode together few nights ago, the episode is called Eye of The Beholder.
I kid you not, that shizz is scary. Go check it out!

In case you are wondering, these are old photos from last year. 
My housemate, Nadila and I were having a little picnic together at the Albert Park. 
I remember the day being very nice and sunny although it was quite cold. I spent most of the time crocheting what I remember as my first batch of Granny Squares. While I was at it Nadila was...well, as you can see in the photo she was having fun dancing (?) and posing for her camera in the background. 

If you ever go to Auckland, Albert Park is a good place in the city for you to wind down. AND you get to enjoy the sights of handsome uni boys playing all sorts of games shirtless under the sun :p But oh please be careful with the hobos around the park, they smell horrible and can be very scary too! 

My "have you got a dollar?" face.
*angry witch voice*
She's had too much Twilight Zone bro, too much.
Oh yes, photo credit goes to Nadila Roslee!


Ribbed in blue.

I woke up this morning with a sudden urge to knit.
I wanted to listen to the clickety clack sound of those needles.
And I wanted to do the knit and purl stitches.
And maybe add some ribbing to those stitches.
It was a beautiful feeling.
So I ended up with this.

I don't know what this is.
But it looks a bit like the sleeve of a jumper, yes?
I'm just practicing my knitting skill in this.
What you see at the bottom is the ribbing.
What goes upward from the ribbing is the knit stitch.

This is the back of the fabric.
It's called the purl stitch.
Purl stitch is bumpy while knit stitch has a smooth surface.
And knit stitch looks like an inverted V.
Anywayyyy, I'm off to do some crochet for the blankie.
Have a great Sunday!



So I have been very slow in the crochet department. Why? I'll show you why.

Because of this dark blue color. 
It is just so dark and intense and gloomy.
I had a lot of negative thoughts while crocheting this color into my blankie.
But I am still using it anyway.
Just so that every color stripe is matched with one another.
Sometimes you just have to do that, right?
In order to get everything nice and orderly,
you went and do something that is against your interest or liking.
Good thing that I'm done with this particular stripe this morning.
I'm going to continue with the white yarn and then the orange-ish one.
Those are bright happy colors.
Fingers crossed, my happy crochet mood will be back in town.


Notebook, again.

Alright, alright I promise this shall be the last post about my small notebook collection. Today I am just going to show you a notebook that I use to keep all my favourite quotations. Oh yes, I keep quotations. I started keeping them while I was at college doing my A-Level. That was when I had the access to a lot of reading materials other than school textbooks and science stuff. I think my interest in keeping quotations was also fueled by the fact that I did a Sociology paper during those days. Our textbook was like a thick document of social discussions on education, gender, social status and everything else that makes up a society. It was very interesting. That was where I found good quotations by sociologists like Marxist, Mark Webber and Emile Durkheim. Anywayyyyyy, enough with Sociology alrighttt.

 Oh no, not all of the books here are my quotation books. 
It's only the purple and the big black one.

Some of the quotations I keep in the purple book.

This is from the big black book.

This is also from the big black book.
Some of these quotes are from the poems and the books that I have read.

Cover of my big black book.
I particularly like this quote so I put it as part of the front cover for this book.


Another notebook.

This is my plain pocket diary.
In this book, I write and I draw too.
I write poems, book reviews and other things.
I also draw my food in there.
I like the paper used by Moleskine in their notebooks.
It is very smooth and also a bit yellowish.
It gives that 'vintage book' vibe to my writings.

Bought some stuff online off TradeMe,
hence all the stamps on the book cover.

What you need to make an egg/mushroom sandwich.

A book review on The Great Gatsby.

Wrote a poem about an assignment
 the day before its submission,
procrastination much?

I like notebooks that are plain and unruled.
To me, they spell freedom.


The Notebook

I have a small yellow notebook where I keep all the cute crochet patterns I found.
Its small size encourages me to utilize every space I have on every page.
It is also quite thin and light which means I can carry all my favorite crochet patterns with me everywhere I go.

I think I have a special relationship with this little notebook.
It helps me to realize that small space is good.
Small space means efficiency.

And that is why I have been googling about tiny houses for the past few weeks.
Tiny houses with minimal decorations. Tiny houses with convertible furniture.
I like tiny houses. It challenges the way society dictates our understanding of what constitutes a proper house. Advertisements about big, pricey houses with all that ugly heavy furniture are shoved down our throat everyday by the media. So people work long hours in the job that they hate to pay their mortgages and all sorts of bills that come with it. Which is sad because all that valuable time is spent on doing something that makes them unhappy. We forget that we have a choice.

Oh dear, I was supposed to write about notebook!


Up to this point...

The blankie has reached its perfect width so I stopped increasing the stripes. 
This morning I started working on increasing its length instead.
Piping my brother keeps believing that I am making a shawl or tudong (headscarf for Muslim gals) despite my constant effort of telling him that I am actually crocheting a blanket. Probably it is because all he sees is the triangle shape. 
Hopefully he will be able to see the blanket shape after the next 2 or 3 days *grin*
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