The sock project.

To be honest, I'd like to call this the sockS (plural) project but unfortunately I'm hardly even finished crocheting that first one sock! So what is up with me wanting to crochet my own socks these days? Isn't it much easier if I just buy them from any shops in my area?

Well folks, for us crafters buying is usually not the solution. We have to make our own stuff. Not that I'm saying buying is bad, mind you. Personally I just love love love the satisfaction of making my own things even if it is something simple such as socks. I love going through the process of discovering how many stitches to make in order to crochet a size 7 sock, deciding on what size of hook to use and I definitely enjoy looking at every stitch that I made with my own mighty fingers :p

So I set off to crochet a sock last night.
It is not too bad I tell you.
It is a long way to go but I'll get there.
And hey, this gives me a good excuse to have a marathon of Little Britain :D


  1. make it stripes. dark n lite grey.. ok ka? heee

  2. heee okayyy sgt, but I'm just starting to learn crocheting socks. nnt suda terer baru yakin sikit tuka2 color

  3. aik, tak jadik knitting the socks ka??

  4. Asya I dont have any double pointed knitting needle at the moment so tak dptla nk knit. Crochet ja :(


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