Sock it up!

Lo and behold!
The sock is finally done!

Let's try it on!

And what are the tools of the trade?

Some reflections after the project:

:: choose the right hook
:: avoid using acrylic yarn to make socks
:: there is no need to rigidly follow a pattern; do it as you please
:: get some stretchy yarn from Patons or cotton yarn from Fara
:: and maybe it's time to also get DPNs to knit real socks
:: never give up!

Will I be making the partner for this sock?
I don't know.
We'll see.


  1. tahniahhh. sila buat lebih, stokin ku sda bubus

  2. mana sbelah lagik??hehehee.inilah penyebab utama i tamau wat stokin. ;p

  3. oh yati i da link online yarn shop from Turki. check it out. http://hazeleaf.yarnshopping.com/

    hazeleaf nie org m'sia as reseller, i think. http://mytinkerspace.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Asya! I got a bit discouraged sbb the sock turn out to be very stiff lah. I think thats cos I used too small of a hook and the fact that its acrylic doesn't help either. I nak buat lg satu tp bila i fikir dia tak akan jd stretchy mcm socks biasa i sedih T.T

    Jofitri i can make socks for you but please buy me nice fancy sock yarn!


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