Color progress..

My baby is growing.
He is turning green today.


  1. Heyya!! Wow, look at u, u really been bz. Beautiful colors combination. I like it. I saw this pattern somewhere b4, ric rac blog kalu tak salah. Cantik pattern dia how they slanted row by row. Oh yatiiii, lately i dh tadak mood nk crochet laa. My latest project u know the bobble granny thing dh terbengkalai la. Ive lost the urge to finish it. Skg nie my kitten wat alas tidoq dia.haha.anyway, gud luck for the coming afghan. :):)

    1. Asyaaa I didn't realize you left a comment here! I'm so sorry! Oh yes memang kta semua mengalami that 'i lost my interest in this' phase every now and then. maybe there's something in your life at the moment yang bother you thats why you tak boleh focus on crochet? hari tuuu I pegi Lilyhandicraft kedai yarn kt Sungei Wang. Yarn-gasm i tgk semua yarn dia Asyaaaa. you g la mintk part time kt situ Asya manatau dpt seronokkkk tau kerja dgn benang benang ni ;p


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