Home and away.

As a traveller, I am enormously grateful that crochet is such a portable craft. Doing my crochet at random places like the airport, school hall, friend's car or even outside the interview room helps me to calm down and think properly about a lot of things. I found peace and silence while crocheting and it gives me positive feelings despite the uncertainties that I have in my life at the moment. Anyway I'm keeping my mighty fingers crossed about my future as a teacher and I hope that all is going to be well soon.


Color progress..

My baby is growing.
He is turning green today.


Diagonally speaking...

Helloooo :D
I've been making a blankie.
Diagonally, I tell you.
Have a look-see here:

Delicious colors, aren't they?

I started right from that little white corner in the bottom.
It's growing rapidly now, I'd say.
I'm at the 40th (gasp!) row at the moment.
It's a profound satisfaction every time I get to start on a new color.
Mmm..it feels so goooood :D

Do you want to have a go at making this?
Please do! It's quite easy I promise you.
Go here for a video tutorial alright.
Have a lovely day!


Dream a little dream.

Maybe all I need is to live in a little green house,
under the colorful rainbow and its fluffy clouds.
That way I get to hear the red bird chirping all day long
while I tend to the big fat moo.
Mmm....fresh milk every day.
I've been watching too much Little House on The Prairie lately.


In the clouds.

Ohhh I didn't know that we can do it this way.
Ahhh..imagine all the endless possibilities!
Colors and triangles and squares and lots of grannies!
I'm swoooooooned :D


These days...

You know, not long ago I used to be very industrious.
Notes all over the blank pages in my book.

And to avoid my little study table from looking so dull,
I made a crochet table spread for it.

But these days, I'm just a lazy bum taking a long break from the busy world.
I spend the day reading and drinking lots of caffeine.

And of course, I crochet too!

I hope all of us are having a good day.
And if today throws us some sh*t,
let us still hold our heads up high.
Trust me folks...
nothing lasts forever, not even our troubles.



I think I have a severely uncontrollable fetish for hooks and balls of yarn.

Look at all these hooks..they're just so slender and sexy!

And these yarns..so invitingly round and full *drool*

I must have a go at making something out of these hooks and yarns goodness!
I'm hooked and I'm definitely going to roll the ball!



Awww thanks UNICEF NZ for the thoughtful mail in my inbox :')

Oh look!

Some years ago...
Photo credit: Aslynda Jane
Awww, so innocent and sweet!

And last year...
Photo credit: Nadila Roslee
Still innocent and sweet.

Photo credit: Che Nazira

Errr, maybe not so sweet. A bit crazy, really.
 I turn 25 today. 
I haven't got any recent photo of this year to put here.
Nothing much has changed, I reckon.
Except that I'm growing side to side, instead of going up.
So yeah, you get the idea.
Oh oh, the flowery skirt in the second picture is sewn by yours truly .
I know right, very pretty.
Pattern is from Simplicity.
Bought for a dollar from an op shop in Wellington.

Simplicity 1990s


One stitch at a time.

Yes indeed, Mr. Shakespeare!

Not my best embroidery work but hey, it's my first attempt alright.
I like how I am always reminded of this quote every time I look at my pencil case.


Not for sale.

There is something about giving my crochet work to someone as a present.
In a way, I try to tell this person that he or she is worth of every second spent
and every stitch made to complete the entire project.

I don't intend to sell my craft to people. 
Because I don't intend to sell my time and service to people.
Monetary value that I try to put on my craft 
will never be able to measure time, emotions and 
all the hard work involved during the process.

I want my craft to reach the people that I love, 
exclusively to those that I know closely.
That way I can be hopeful that my work will be kept well in the future.
By the people that I love.



Home is full of cracks and clutters. 
But it is the best place in the world. 
I feel the safest at home. 
Most importantly, home is where I feel great comfort
 wearing my pajamas at 1 o'clock in the noon, 
on a rainy day. 
Mmm..the utmost pleasure in my life proves to be of the simplest one.


Sock it up!

Lo and behold!
The sock is finally done!

Let's try it on!

And what are the tools of the trade?

Some reflections after the project:

:: choose the right hook
:: avoid using acrylic yarn to make socks
:: there is no need to rigidly follow a pattern; do it as you please
:: get some stretchy yarn from Patons or cotton yarn from Fara
:: and maybe it's time to also get DPNs to knit real socks
:: never give up!

Will I be making the partner for this sock?
I don't know.
We'll see.


Color me some squares

Auckland Whitcoulls Mother's Day Wall, 2011
This actually gives me an idea of a very pretty granny-square afghan!

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee


Little Ollie

My boyfriend Jo likes soccer. He also likes the crochet whale I made him last year. 

Thanks June for the tiny whale pattern

He calls the little whale Ollie. He loves Ollie so much that he would keep himself in a jar and let Ollie eats him. Now that's what I call love.

So tangled.

Because I have all the time in the world in my hands now,
 this one right here

becomes this
 (after several hours, of course)

and some additions to the family

I'd like to believe that with patience and persistence, in the end all that is tangled 
CAN be untangled. 
You just have to keep going.


What's in it?

Asya the Red Wildflower is a rockin' gal. She is super talented and she is a hardworking crochet person too. She sent me something very awesome in the parcel today.

It's a bag! A VERY PRETTY one, along with a handwritten letter too! I'm super chuffed! Just as well I needed a bag to carry my crochet project around when I am away from home.
Thank you so very much Asya :D
You rock!

Survival kit.

:  A donut pincushion
:  A cup of Earl Grey black tea
:  A knitting gauge
:  A pair of scissors
:  A measuring tape
:  A yarn needle
:  A spare teabag
:  A pencil
:  A notebook 
:  A skein of yarn
:  Hooks
:  Paperclips as stitch marker (yes, I'm a cheapskate like that)

This is my craft survival kit. 
Leave me anywhere without anything but these.
I promise I won't bother you for the rest of my life.


The sock project.

To be honest, I'd like to call this the sockS (plural) project but unfortunately I'm hardly even finished crocheting that first one sock! So what is up with me wanting to crochet my own socks these days? Isn't it much easier if I just buy them from any shops in my area?

Well folks, for us crafters buying is usually not the solution. We have to make our own stuff. Not that I'm saying buying is bad, mind you. Personally I just love love love the satisfaction of making my own things even if it is something simple such as socks. I love going through the process of discovering how many stitches to make in order to crochet a size 7 sock, deciding on what size of hook to use and I definitely enjoy looking at every stitch that I made with my own mighty fingers :p

So I set off to crochet a sock last night.
It is not too bad I tell you.
It is a long way to go but I'll get there.
And hey, this gives me a good excuse to have a marathon of Little Britain :D

Rasta rad.

Aha, the red attack is here finally. A cousin requested me to crochet a beanie for her. She wanted a beanie that slouches and has some "rasta-ness" in it. She chose her colors, bought the yarns and tadaaa I'm quite chuffed with the result of this project, actually :D

Yes, I still need to cut and weave in the green yarn.

And yes, my sister is still in her pajamas while modelling for this.
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