Roll the coasters.

I don't normally use coasters at home. So if you see me making some coasters, that means there is a wedding coming up. And I don't mean my wedding though, I make coasters for other people's weddings. So few weeks ago I set off to crochet some coasters as a wedding gift for a friend.

I don't why I chose yellow as the theme color.


Thanks Yvonne Eijkenduijn for the lovely pattern

I am particularly proud of myself for managing to crochet this!

The pattern for the 'leave' comes from this lovely book.

I think coasters are really fun to crochet, they are easy and quick. So friends and family, this shall be my trademark gift for your weddings alright :)


  1. try buat mcm top right pic on the book cover. main tu color tone mcm santek

  2. woooowwwwwww! canteknyaaaaaa..suka yg kipas tuuuhh..

  3. Thanksss Wawa and Asya :D
    Asya pattern for the kipas comes from the book 'Kait Jarum Satu'. Banyak jual kt local bookshop. Dlm tu bnyk pattern utk doilies lawa sangat and fairly easy. Cuma dia pakai term dlm BM kena translate g English baru senang sikit.

  4. thnx yatiii for the info..nt i p carikkkk..hehee..


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