All is purled and knitted.

I have always been terrified of knitting. Mostly because I fear the thought of using two needles at a time to produce a stitch. Knitting patterns and stitch designs appear very complicated to my eyes. I always convince myself that I do not need to learn how to knit and I will be just fine with crochet.

But I learnt to knit yesterday. Why, you asked? Well, I like the idea of knitting my own socks. Socks are very practical thing to make with my own two hands. I did some research and realized that most of the knitting patterns require at least 4 needles to produce a sock!


That terrifies me even more! But I figured I have to start learning the basic stitches at least. You know, just to get the hang of it. Thanks to Debbie Stoller in her tutorial video, I managed to do the purls and the knits now. I was doing this while watching Little Britain's Marjorie Dawes who is hilarious! I think it helps to watch something so funny while knitting cause it takes
away all the stress that I have to endure during the process. Anyway the stitches are all wobbly and untidy at the moment but I know I'll get there. One day, folks. One day.

You can actually see some mistakes in the stitches but hey, I'm a newbie alright :p

Also thanks to Pip and Patons' 1988 WOOLCRAFT book! 

Dear God, have mercy on my soul and please let me have all the patience in the world to do this. I only want to make socks ya know ;)


  1. congrats u dh berjaya to knit! :D :D :D

    1. Asyaaa I didn't realize you leave a comment here T.T

      Thank youuu it was really awkward handling two needles at a time.
      Anyway where you been?? Long time no hear from you!

  2. hihihi love your every words :D


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