Fare thee well 2011!

2011 has been a great year for me. There were lots of travelling, meeting new people and learning new stuff. I get shitty days sometimes, but I'd like to believe that what didn't kill me only made me stronger.

Hopefully the new coming year will be full of cheerful colors for everyone. And when we realize that we happen to be stucked in the shit-house then let us all play the hands that are given to us and look for our way out as quickly as we can. So yeah, happy new year and all the best to us all :D


The red attack.

Something red is coming on my way!

Quilt ambition

If there is one reason that makes me want to quilt, that would be this mind-blowing quilt project I saw in Puzzling World Wanaka. It is amazing how such a humble craft like sewing is able to trick our perspectives and logic. So I stood quietly in front of this quilt mesmerized by its intricate details and vibrant colors, thinking: how did I find the time for not quilting?

Can you tell how many Rubik's cubes are in here?

I wonder how did they build the leaning tower?
Photo credit: Nadila Roslee

Wool in the city

I miss the convenience of having a yarn store like Masco Wools in my city. I really do. I miss the great variety of yarn that this shop sells. I miss the friendly shopkeepers. I miss how warm and cozy the shop feels like especially in winter days.

If I ever come back to Auckland City again, visiting Masco Wools will definitely be the first in my to-do list.

Outside the shop

With one of the nice ladies who keep the shop


Roll the coasters.

I don't normally use coasters at home. So if you see me making some coasters, that means there is a wedding coming up. And I don't mean my wedding though, I make coasters for other people's weddings. So few weeks ago I set off to crochet some coasters as a wedding gift for a friend.

I don't why I chose yellow as the theme color.


Thanks Yvonne Eijkenduijn for the lovely pattern

I am particularly proud of myself for managing to crochet this!

The pattern for the 'leave' comes from this lovely book.

I think coasters are really fun to crochet, they are easy and quick. So friends and family, this shall be my trademark gift for your weddings alright :)


All is purled and knitted.

I have always been terrified of knitting. Mostly because I fear the thought of using two needles at a time to produce a stitch. Knitting patterns and stitch designs appear very complicated to my eyes. I always convince myself that I do not need to learn how to knit and I will be just fine with crochet.

But I learnt to knit yesterday. Why, you asked? Well, I like the idea of knitting my own socks. Socks are very practical thing to make with my own two hands. I did some research and realized that most of the knitting patterns require at least 4 needles to produce a sock!


That terrifies me even more! But I figured I have to start learning the basic stitches at least. You know, just to get the hang of it. Thanks to Debbie Stoller in her tutorial video, I managed to do the purls and the knits now. I was doing this while watching Little Britain's Marjorie Dawes who is hilarious! I think it helps to watch something so funny while knitting cause it takes
away all the stress that I have to endure during the process. Anyway the stitches are all wobbly and untidy at the moment but I know I'll get there. One day, folks. One day.

You can actually see some mistakes in the stitches but hey, I'm a newbie alright :p

Also thanks to Pip and Patons' 1988 WOOLCRAFT book! 

Dear God, have mercy on my soul and please let me have all the patience in the world to do this. I only want to make socks ya know ;)


Squares of my heart.

I love the pattern Granny Square. Not only because of its simplicity but it also allows for colorful combination too. The possibilities are endless. Earlier this year, I was being ambitious despite my minimal crochet skill and proceeded to make an afghan. I used heaps of Granny Squares to make this afghan. It took me about 3 months to finish it mainly because I was juggling between classes, assignments and work. In the end all was well and weaved, the afghan was perfect (methinks :p) as a farewell gift for a nice lady I know back in Auckland. It was a slow process but I enjoyed every second of it. I'll definitely make another Granny Square afghan in the future :D

Photo credit: Nadila Roslee
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